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There were a lot of great looking covers this week, and it was definitely hard to choose. Get a look at some of our favorites below and let us know which covers were your favorites. Remember, if there were any covers you liked that didn't make our list this week, feel free to post them in the thread below!

Sometimes you just can't help judging a book by its cover, and if the story in CLONE #1 is as great as the two page cover spread by artists Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano then it's going to be pretty awesome. The cover of the first issue is all about detail, and we loved the way the art team draws the focus of the reader by coloring only three specific characters. It's a great, really well done cover.

== TEASER ==

Artist Dave Johnson's cover to this month's B.P.R.D.: 1948 #2 is absolutely stunning. The way the artist plays with light and shadow in this image is incredibly compelling,

The cover to Dark Horse's one-shot BALTIMORE: THE PLAY by artist Ben Stenbeck is eerie, creepy and really awesome. The heavy inks and the deep, reddish wash really makes the cover stand out. The blank eyes of the skull featured on the cover really draws you into the image.

Each cover by artist J.H. Williams is an absolutely masterpiece, and his cover to the latest issue of BATWOMAN #14 is no different. The picture features a cast of characters featured in the issue and is broken up by a red, white and blue graphic bordering the bottom of the image. It creates a great, very stylized frame around the picture that is very different from any of the other covers out this week.

It might be a Dark Horse kind of week, when it comes to great covers the publisher really delivered. The cover to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SPIKE #4 is really beautiful not only because of the intricacies of the pencils used in the image, but also the way that artist Steve Morris uses different pink and purple hues to illustrate the monsters in the picture. It's a really pretty cover.

You can always bet that artist Paolo Rivera will deliver a great looking cover, and this week's DAREDEVIL #20 cover is no different. The abstractness of the image and cleanliness of the lines is what really caught our eye about the image.

Francesco Francavilla's DARK SHADOWS #12 cover for Dynamite Entertainment is brilliant. The way he creates a picture within a picture in the reflection of an eye is just really well done and very creative.

This week's cover to DEADPOOL #2 by Tony Moore was really fantastic. The cover is incredibly detailed and of course, very funny.

Artist Bernie Wrightson's FRANKENSTEIN ALIVE, ALIVE #2 is really well done. It's very different from a lot of other covers in the way it resembles a victorian-style portrait. It's a little bit creepy, but still very well done.

Finally, Alex Ross's cover to Dynamite Entertainment's PETER CANNON THUNDERBOLT #3 is really well done. We thought the way that Ross used some inspiration from artist Shepard Fairey's Obama poster design was great, and having it split down the center to show an image within another image was really great.

There you have it! These were some of our favorite covers, what were some of yours? Let us know in the comments below!

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Bernie Wrightson's a horror legend/god among mere mortals. A real shame that the 2nd issue took so long to come out after the first one.

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Marvel has awesome covers this week

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This is my Top 3 this week:

From the series I'm currently reading of course, because there's plenty of awesome covers up there as well.

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@Arevish said:

Marvel has awesome covers this week

I was just about to mention this.

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Holy cow, best week in a long time for covers. Cant pick my favorite.

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Yay for Spike.

@SmashBrawler: I have to second Sword of Sorcery. I wish CV would start to show it some more love. It's a really fun book.

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@Krissyjump: Yep, I'm glad the main story has finally picked up. I was worried the back-up was going to be the best part, like in Justice League with Shazam, but thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case now.

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Bernie Wrightson......just a true legend, glad to see his work again. So beautiful. 1st cover, wow wow...yes, great use of color, well done, totally agree. All are great!

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i really liked X-O Manowar one as well

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There's been lots of brilliant covers in recent weeks.

As a fan of b/w, my winner this week is the Wonder Woman sketch variant:

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Here are my top ten in no particular order.

Daredevil #20

Clone #1

Indestructible Hulk #1

Comeback #1

Catwoman #14

Batwoman #14

Savage Dragon #183

Revival #5

Amazing Spider-man #688

Hawkeye #4 how could they not include this one, comicvine.

Because Greg wrote did a bonus, so must I.

Minimum Carnage: Alpha (second printing varaint.)

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So many good covers this week. So many! I love Catwoman's and Batwoman's!

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I think the Deadpool cover is actually by Geof Darrow?

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Fantastic covers pics, from staff and viners a like

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love daredevil and clone and batwoman

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Great picks. Here are my top three.

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daredevil is tripping some serious acid.

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Ok. I could definitely see two of these.

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Nuff said : ) btw really loved this issue

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I'm very partial to ASM, so #698 is my favorite of the week. Although the IDW Frankenstein cover looks awesome, as well. I'm a new participant at this site, glad my friend #Jawshco recommended it to me.

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@bigpicnic said:

I think the Deadpool cover is actually by Geof Darrow?

I think you are right.

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BPRD 1948 for me. That cover is simply gorgeous!

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