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Another week is behind us, and we've got another batch of great looking comic book covers from this Wednesday's new releases. The Comic Vine staff got together and chose some of our favorite covers from this week and we've got them all listed for you below.

The first of the batch of comic covers we absolutely loved was the cover to DIAL H #1, one of DC's brand new "Second Wave" books. DIAL H had two very nice looking covers, but we went with Brian Bolland's version for this week. Why? Well first of all, it's Brian Bolland, so how can we deny greatness? We mostly liked this cover because of it's simplicity. It definitely set the creepy tone of the book in a very simple way -- and sometimes, let's face it, less it more.

== TEASER ==

Next up is the first issue of Jim McCann's new ongoing, creator owned series titled MIND THE GAP. The cover to this issue is penciled by artist Rodin Esquejo and colored by Sonia Oback. We picked it not only because of Oback's breathtaking colors, but because it's such a compelling image. It's a cover that would definitely make us look twice if we passed it on the shelf at our LCS. The image is that of the book's central character, suspended in disbelief. Really beautiful stuff.

It's hard to say anything bad about the current DAREDEVIL series in general -- we can't even knock the cover, which is why it made this week's list. Paolo Rivera delivers the full frontal picture of Kirsten McDuffie through Daredevil's eyes -- or perhaps his imagination. The two do go on a date in issue #12, although things didn't go as well as the cover would have you believe. Once again, Rivera delivers, and we couldn't be more pleased.

Finally, the cover to this week's AVENGERS VS X-MEN #3 reveals a whole heck of a lot. Up until now, Wolverine and Captain America had been playing on the same side -- but that's not what the cover seems to read. Jim Cheung gives readers a very pretty cover featuring Wolverine and Captain America at each other's throats. As for who wins? You will have to read to find out.

These are some of our favorites, what are yours? Post your favorite covers from this week below and let us know if you liked our picks! Oh, and don't forget to head to your local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, Saturday May 5th!

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Love the grit in A vs. X cover. Thanks for the reminder about Free Comic Book Day.

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I thought the Earth 2 cover was pretty cool, too, IMO.

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For a second I thought the person on the 'Mind The Gap' cover was the new 52 Harley Quinn. :P

These are all pretty awesome covers.

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Sonia Oback is amazinggggggggggggg

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Shucks I didn't get any of those but they look great!

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My favourites were Daredevil and

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Earth 2 should be on this, and X-O manowar... oh and Smallville should also be in it.... i don't know why, but the stars were so damn appealing.

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I like the A vs X cover. Wolverine is my favorite X-Men. :)

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Agreed. Good covers.

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I like them but the first one had me a bit freaked out. And initially I didn't understand the Daredevil one but the artwork is great on all of them.

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they're all very good covers.

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The cover of AvX shows a lot? That would be a first for Marvel, given that most of their covers don't usually follow what actually happens in the comics! ;)

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I loved the Mind the Gap cover!

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@HotSauceCommittee: Loved this cover. One of the few times that I read X-Factor first and it was solely based on the cover. That's what a cover is SUPPOSED to do!

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I kind of like this one too:

The Spider 001
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I haven't read Mind the Gap but the cover almost made me want to. I guess that's the point of a first issue cover, get people hooked so they want to read it. Then again that should be the point of any cover (well that and it actually pertain to the material inside).

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Gotta go with Daredevil once again for this weeks best cover. AVX would be second.

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X-men #28 and Earth 2 #1 had amazing covers.

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Image Comics you guys still rock after sooo many years.

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@Funrush said:

I thought the Earth 2 cover was pretty cool, too, IMO.


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I'm leaving COMICVINE. I would like to donate my profile.

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I enjoyed reading Dial H