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hey guys im new to reading comics and im loving it so far. im a huge fan of good artwork so im making this general discussion to ask the seasoned readers who do you think some of the best comic book artists are? any suggested pick ups for me? thanks in advance

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Hey, welcome to the Vine! We can use all the recruits we can get, raising an army to take over the world in the name of our high general tyrannous isn't easy. We're going to need allot of cannon fodder... (kidding. :P)

The best writing can really be brought down by a bad artist, but a good artist can make a mediocre book awesome. :)

Well, my favorite DC artists are Ivan Reis, Jim Lee, and Greg Capullo.

My favorite Marvel artist are Steve Mcniven, Steve Epting. Those are the only ones that come to mind right now. For Marvel anyway.

Most people don't appreciate his art but I find Mike Mignola to be an awesome artist.

As for recommends. Hmm...

For DC I'm pretty new to there comics myself but I've gotta say: Aquaman (Geoff's writing is awesome. Don't believe what you hear about the character being lame. Johns been doing some awesome stuff with that comic, and Ivan Reis is doing the artwork.)

Batman is great!( Greg Capullo's the artist for that one)

And Justice League of America is just starting out. I think I might drop it. It didn't really intrest me, but I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

That's all I've been reading for DC, but Marvel's been doing some awesome stuff too.

Like: Guardians of the Galaxy. It's also just starting out and Bendis and Steve Mcnivin are a great team for it.

Avengers has been kind of mediocre, but again, I encourage you to try it for yourself. :)

I plan to start getting Deadpool after the new story arc starts. (#8) I hear i's pretty good and funny.

That's all I've got. :/

Cool to see your getting into comics and I hope this helps. :)

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Fiona Staples-Saga #4
Greg Capullo
Jim Lee- Superman Unchained #1

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Jae Lee
Alex Ross

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Gary Frank

Eddy Barrows

Kenneth Rockfort

Jim Lee

Ivan Reis

John Romita Jr (loves of people hate him)

Brett Booth

Tony Daniel

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Here are a few of my favorite artists and examples of their work:

Hellboy by Mike Mignola- Mignola's currently working on Hellboy in Hell as well as a few other books in that same universe like Lobster Johnson and BPRD (though he's not always the artist in those books I think)

Batman by Greg Capullo- Capullo is currently working on Batman with amazing writer Scott Snyder.

The DC Universe illustrated by Alex Ross in this amazing graphic novel called Kingdom Come, written by Mark Waid

Daredevil illustrated by Paolo Rivera- I this most of Rivera's most recent work is in this current volume of Daredevil being written by Mark Waid

Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) walking through New York, illustrated by Marcos Martin- In addition to filling in for Paolo Rivera on Daredevil for a few issues, Marcos Martin also illustrated Batgirl: Year One, which I haven't read, but I've heard it's one of the best Barbara Gordon Batgirl comics

X-Men #1 Cover by Jim Lee- Jim Lee has been the artist of several great characters including X-Men, Batman, Superman, and Justice League. His most recent work was in the first few issues of the most recent volume of Justice League, and a new Superman comic book coming out soon will be illustrated by him and written by Scott Snyder.

The Batman family by Dustin Nguyen- He's currently working on Little Gotham and Batman Beyond. He previously worked on Batman: Streets of Gotham (and I think before that Detective Comics) with the legendary Batman writer, Paul Dini.
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Big fan of Mike Choi, especially if Sonia Oback is the colorist.

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@sog7dc: I'll try to make a list and show the best pics I know!

Jim Lee:

Mike Deodato Jr.:

Stuart Immonen:

To just name a few...

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you guys are awesome. thanks bros

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How in the world has Francis Manapul's name not come up yet? Easily one of top five artists in all of comics. His Flash book is spectacularly drawn.

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Strong support of basically all mentioned (my top: Ivan Reis).

Also want to throw in there some Nicola Scott, Dale Eaglesham, Mikel Janin, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcus To as some other fine artists.

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  • Kenneth Rocafort
  • Jim Lee
  • Ivan Reis
  • Greg Capullo
  • Mike Mignola
  • Fiona Staples
  • Alex Ross
  • Brett Booth
  • Tony Daniels
  • Francis Manapul
  • Ryan Stegman
  • Dexter Soy
  • Philip Tan
  • Leinil Yu
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Gary Frank:

Frank Quitely

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Some of my personal favorites, Mike Mignola, Greg Capullo, Doug Mahnke, Ivan Reis, Esad Ribic, Gary Frank, Steve Mcnivin, Steve Epting, Paola Rivera, Jerome Opena, Francessco Fracavilla, Ryan Stegman, Alan Davis, Phil Noto, Paul Pelletier, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert, Alex Maleev, Lenil Yu and I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

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bumping this.

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I don't think Mark Irwin and Billy Tan have been mentioned here yet, but they deserve to be.

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Jason Fabok, Aaron Kuder, and Kenny Rocafort.