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There was a decent amount of action to appreciate this week (as you'll see in the honorable mentions section), but in the end it was DC's BATGIRL, Image's THE LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE and Valiant's X-O MANOWAR which stood out the most to me. Better luck next week, Marvel!

Just a heads up to the feint of heart: there is a fair amount of blood in this edition!

Batgirl vs. The Ventriloquist / Police

Writer Gail Simone introduces an all-new version of The Ventriloquist to The New 52, and I have to admit, this reboot is fairly chilling. After getting kicked off a talent show audition, the villain takes one of the judges hostage and it's of course up to Batgirl to save the day. She's still reeling from her encounter with her brother, so when it comes to using a batarang again, let's just say her toss is less than ideal (eyes closed!). What makes it even more embarrassing is the fact the villain sends it flying right back her way and her own weapon knocks her over. It's definitely not one of Barbara's finer moments.

I can only imagine what Damian would say if he was there. Well, now I'm sad.

This is where things get especially interesting. Before our hero can get up, the dummy then leaps at her and attempts to stab her all on his/its own. So, has Shuana Belzer developed the ability to control everything around her... or does the power actually lie within the "dummy?"

That's one classy villain.

I'm sure all will be revealed in due time about the bad guy, but for now, Barbara has other problems to worry about. The most immediate one happens to be security guards who are under the impression she's the enemy. Despite trying to point them in the right direction, they continue to attack. It's too bad for them because she has no problem when it comes to promptly smacking them around. A few moves later and they're down for the count.

I tip my hat to anyone brave enough to be a security guard in Gotham City.

Do you think Shuana has the abilities or is it the dummy who's truly pulling the strings? Based on the trashy pick up lines, I'm leaning towards the latter. What say you, Viners?

Binder vs. Mr. Duvall, Jack the Ripper

When it comes to Luther Strode's world, the enhanced characters aren't to be messed with and Binder's of one 'em. Mr. Duvall, on the other hand, doesn't give a damn about his own well-being and wants Binder dead. Despite his target being blind (thanks to knives to the eyes in the previous issue), Binder's still more than capable of kicking all kinds of rear.

This is my boomstick!

The shotgun blast goes virtually unfelt and Binder proceeds to humiliate Duvall. The powerful Binder sends him smashing into the kitchen, and he's seemingly defeated at this point. Well, it turns out this is all part of Duvall's plan. He realizes his firearms won't do much, but maybe two propane tanks will. "Race you to hell, fatass."

Way to go out like a boss, man.

Naturally, the gunshot sets off an explosion that would be more than deserving of a "MICHAEL BAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY'D" caption, but I simply had to highlight what happens after the big boom. You see, the stubborn old Binder survives the explosion. He's in terrible condition, though, and that gives Jack the perfect opportunity to unleash some revenge. Prepare to see why I love Jack.


What happens after those speedy slices... well, it's quite over the top. So if you want to see the horrific aftermath of that attack, go buy the issue.

X-O Manowar vs. The Vine

I know it's a total shocker, but a scene from a story called "Planet Death" has made Best Battles. Crazy, I know. Aric's bloodlusted assault against the Vine and bloodlust continues, and, as expected, he has the chance to once again slash and blast the extraterrestrials into a bunch of pieces. And it's all for our viewing pleasure. How kind!

This week in X-O MANOWAR: YAH! PAFF!

As always, X-O's enemies have little to no chance when he's in the advanced armor. It's clearly capable of so much, yet with Aric's mentality, wrist blasters and an energy sword will more than suffice. I can't imagine how awesome the X-O armor would be if it was on someone skilled and versatile like Ninjak. Seriously, go on and imagine how terrifically badass it would be. In the meantime, enjoy Aric slicing, blasting, and... well, squishing.

My brain can't handle the overload of awesome sound effects.

I don't know how writer Robert Venditti does it, but Aric going to town on his enemies never manages to get old. It's something we've seen plenty of times before, but somehow it's thrilling every single time. It's just sci-fi fun at its finest, people. Are you reading this book yet? If you said yes, cool. If not, then why not? WHY NOT?

SH-BOOM, y'all.

"Gregg, I can't afford another $3.99 title!"

Well, you're in luck, random person. ComiXology currently has a sale and each issue is only $0.99. So yeah, take advantage of that and catch up!

Honorable Mentions

What are your top 3 fights this week? Go give the comments section a piece of your mind!

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WW vs Moon?

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I think that Batgirl vs Starling was pretty awesome.

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Nova vs. Titus (times 2) - perhaps not a real "battle" and more of a confrontation but still pretty cool and funny nonetheless. Of course you can't go wrong with fight scenes from X-O and Luther Strode.

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OMG no Michael Bay KABOOM? :) Batgirls fight was cool from the looks of it.

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THe hell? How could you NOT include Wonder Woman vs. Artemis, not even in honorable mentions!? That was EPIC.

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No Batgirl VS Starling? really? oh well.

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Batgirls action was good but not as epic as the last issue

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That ventriloquist fight doesn't look good, but it sure as heck makes up for it in interest. That is probably one of the best re-designes of the new 52. Unlike that Queen Bee appearing on the cover for superman 22. The old black and yellow stripe design was way more stylish. I would like to post a pic but I can't do a darn thing from a web phone. Sorry, I had to put that out there.

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Been curious about Luthor Strode ever since the piece on here some time ago, and that fight has me salivating because it looks all kinds of badass!!

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Aric vs. The Vine for me. That's just epic, plain and simple.

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I want Jennifer Blood in my corner anytime and anyplace.

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Not Enough Bomb

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I'm glad there was still enough that came out this week to give you enough material to do this. Loved that Luther Strode fight and Jack reminds me of Doctor Jackal from Getbackers.

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The new Ventriloquist is a douche bag

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I loved xo fight

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Hey @k4tzm4n: I feel bad for not sending this to you before. Must have slipped my mind, but the fight between Wonder Woman and Artemis is Wonder Woman #20 probably outranks a bunch of the fights listed here. It is honestly one of the best fight scenes I've read in a comic book...ever.

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I read like six more issues and just didn't like it that much. So I'm officially giving up on it

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@the_stegman said:

@jake_fury said:

@outside_85 said:

WW vs Moon?




This. It was an AMAZING fight scene and completely blows a lot of these out of the water. I can not wrap my head over some of them getting a mention and not WW vs Moon. Most epic fight I've seen in a while.

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Wonder Woman vs Moon should have been on the list. It was a really good showcase that it's not only strength that wins the battle.

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@the_mighty_monarch: @snascimento: @the_stegman: @batcrow: @theovoxo: I clearly don't read every comic out there and Wonder Woman isn't on my pull list. That's exactly why I made THIS THREAD months ago and I bump it every single Wednesday. Instead of saying what should be in it when the feature lands, I'd appreciate the community's support in making suggestions before I write it. I'm not saying you have to, but it would be far more helpful for me, especially if you enjoy the segment. I used to plug this link in the feature for months, but I decided to stop. Maybe I should do it again?

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@k4tzm4n: I was'nt mad or anything, like you said, you can't read everything, I just thought the WW fight was awesome. She took down the Moon AGAIN!

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@the_stegman: Not accusing anyone of being mad. It's just a request for help if you enjoy the segment.

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These all look awesome.

I wish I had gotten one of these comics...

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X-O manowar is currently my favourite comic... it's classicaly cool ^_^

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Batgirl fight is pretty cool.