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Poll: Best Batsuit in live action media? (21 votes)

1966 Batman(Adam West) 10%
1989 Batman 10%
Batman Returns 0%
Batman Forever 5%
Batman & Robin 0%
Batman Begins 19%
The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises 43%
2015 MoS2 Batsuit(TBA) 14%

Which live action batsuit is your favorite?

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Adam West stomps

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I mean the Adam West outfit is the only one that makes Batman move like a human instead of a badly oiled robot.

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I'd say the Adam West one. or the George Clooney one. I know the Batman Forever one is weird, but I like how it has all of the cool gadgets on it.

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No I was wrong. Bat Nipples stomp.

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Dark Knight's batsuit was the most comfortable(Bale said it),the most flexible....and the most awesome looking.

MoS2 batsuit......why is it there?!....and how can a person vote for it?! .. :P

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Probably one of them in the fan films or the fan battle videos. In the films he always looks like he is dressed like a giant tire.

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Anything Bat in the Sun is really awesome. They usually keep it close to the comics but with their own cool additions.

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Oh, God no! My eyes! My eyeeeeees! *drops dead (sort of, LoL)*

@14nc3 said:

No I was wrong. Bat Nipples stomp.

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So sleek

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