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First and foremost who is your favourite (Altair, Ezio, Connor, Edward)?

Btw mine is Edward, because I really enjoy his kind of laid back personality (in contrast to the seriousness of all the other Assassins).

Secondly, mechanics aside, who do you think was the realistically the most skilled Assassin.

Lastly (kinda off topic here), which character unique weapon was your favourite? (By that I mean tomahawk, Edward's swords, bow and arrow, ect.)

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Ezio by far. Especially with the movie AC: Embers.

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Personally the best AC Assassin is Subzero.... I don't know any other Assassins that could be used as Air Conditioners.

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1. Ezio should and is number one. Edward takes a close second because I may be biased cause of my love for pirates. Also Ezio has a very laid back personality during Brotherhood.

2. Ezio or Altiar - Both have solo squads all the way up to armies. Connor has done similar things but he hasn't done it to the scale E & A have. I haven't beat Black Flag to see Edward's end game skill.

3. The Apple of Eden. It allowed Ezio and Altiar to drive people mad and kill themselves, What is more unique?.

Outside of that:

Either Connor's rope darts or Edwards blowpipe. Being able to hang enemies and do Scorpion type moves in combat was awesome. One of the few awesome moments of the worst game of the series. Edward's blowpipe was probably the most unique item throughout the games.

Even though it isn't listed:

Best Suit -

1). Connor's Outfit

2). Edward's Governor Outfit

3). Ezio's Revelations costume.

4). Ezio's Brotherhood outfit.

5). Ezio's AC2 Outfit.

6). Altiar's outfit. (I hate his outfit)

Assassin's Creed IV is IMO the best Assassin's Creed since AC2.

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@cheesesticks said:

Ezio by far. Especially with the movie AC: Embers.

Then Altair.

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@zijuun said:

@cheesesticks said:

Ezio by far. Especially with the movie AC: Embers.

Then Altair.

Yup, i can agree.

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Ezio was the most likable obviously, but I think Altair was the best. His back story in Revelations really gave him character and that scene when Altair is like 80 years old and kills the usurper of the Assassin's with the first gun was one of the most epic, and for me the most memorable scene in the series.

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1. Ezio is my all time favourite assassin. He is easily the most relatable one out of the AC verse. Watching his journey from being a boy and growing into a man was inspirational :')

2. In my opinion, Ezio is the most skilled (keep in mind I haven't played Assassin's Creed IV yet). Ezio is the smartest assassin with the most experience and he's arguably the fastest learner. By age 19 he was hunting down a Templar family, can't beat that.

3. Connor's tomahawk!