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Does anyone remember the Battle Axe press versions of DC?

I think they originated in South Africa in the mid-90's. They released Batman Year One in their first four issues of Batman and continued with Tim Drake taking wanting to take over as Robin.

They also stated Superman with The Man Of Steel 1-6 (by Byrne) and resumed with Clark revealing to Lois his true identity. They also released some Spawn comics.

I've tried searching for information about them on the net, but to no avail. Does anyone have any information about them?

Here's a pic:

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I love how the Superman cover self-proclaims it's self as a collectors issue when nobody had heard of it.

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Well Lord Freeza err...Funrush :), according to the editorial notes at the back of each book, I believe this was the first ever official release of DC comics in South Africa, hence the collectors issue mention on the cover. That's supposed to be The Man Of Steel #1.

I'm surprised to find no info about this release group. They were legit and pretty big. Their comics reached Australia and a few other parts of the globe too.

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even India,