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Maybe Batman doesn't kill anyone because then the criminals will stop coming back and his life will have no purpose to it. All those years he spent brooding and struggling to become *THE* Batman would become meaningless. A part of him wants them to come out. Sometimes I wonder what if he helps them to escape the asylum. I mean how can people just waltz out of the high security place like Arkham.

I'm not saying he's bff with Joker, but He wants him to be the arch nemesis. Maybe because he's easier to control than rest of the rouges. He can beat up Joker anytime.Hes super smart and super manipulative. He can make Joker escape without even making Joker realize that.

He always keeps himself distant from the Justice League.

He has plans to kill the League because in case any one comes to know of his hideous acts.

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It seems quite possible.

Maybe in an alternate universe.

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It's not his place to kill criminals, its the states, it's the states fault they keep getting out. I don't think he wants them to get out, but he wouldn't be Batman if he wasn't ready for every scenario. And distancing himself from the League, he's got stuff to do elsewhere.

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@dboy4dashing: This is quite similar to what Joker said in a recent issue of Batman! However, that's Joker's idea of what Batman should be, which is why he wants to fix it.

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Batman has an extreme paranoia and aversion to death, caused by the senseless killing of his mother and father. It's not a hard thing to put together that he doesn't kill his villains because, despite how much he might hate them and despite how much they might deserve it, their deaths might have unforeseen consequences (similar to the complete fragmentation of a young boy's psyche, causing said young boy to one day be a madman vigilante in a cape and cowl).

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No. The reason is because he knows that he is that close to becoming like the Joker. It's been shown over the years that Batman and the Joker are two sides of the same coin, and they are within inches of switching sides. That's why Batman doesn't kill - he is determined to walk the line and never go over it.