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Poll: Batman Vs Wolverine In Martial Arts Only? (12 votes)

Wolverine 58%
Batman 50%


Master Tactician

Wolverine has displayed an uncanny ability in preparing for an upcoming battle. He is highly intelligent although at times he can come off to be more animal like than most. Forge once referred to Wolverine's brain functions while in a training room session to be beyond that of a human athlete. His brain function in combat has also been compared to a highly advanced computer.

Master Martial Artist

Wolverine has been able to learn virtually every form of fighting style on Earth, mastering 28 forms of Kung-Fu alone, as well as the pressure points located not just on the human body, but also on some alien and Supernatural bodies as well. He demonstrated such knowledge when he performed a pressure point attack to defeat Kid Gladiator and when he crumbled the Black Dragon's stone minion with one well placed blow. Wolverine has also been shown to stop the negative effects of Chi based attacks by controlling his thoughts and emotions. Wolverine has defeated some of Marvel's best hand to hand combatants such as Iron Fist, Shang-Chi and Deadpool. He has also trained or partially trained a number of Earth's heroes in various forms of hand to hand combat, including Black Widow, Storm and Shadowcat.

Master Swordsman

Wolverine is a master swordsman and was described as having nearly flawless technique by the Silver Samurai. His swordsmanship technique include Kenjutsu.

Ps. Wolverine has full use of his Claws in this battle


Master of Many

Batman is also a master of stealth, disguise, and escapology, using his Ninjutsu training. He has infiltrated high security strongholds and systems including Lexcorp. He has vanished in plain sight from regular humans and metahumans, such as Azrael. His stealth skills are so great that that even groups of superheroes such as the Legion of Super Heroes have been unable to locate him. His accuracy is said to be on par with Green Arrow himself. He is the second greatest escape artist, behind Mr. Miracle. Batman has escaped a straitjacket in 52 seconds, then stated that it was too slow for him. He always carries several lock picks with him. He commonly uses disguises, his most notable one being Matches Malone.

Master Martial Artist

Batman has been said to be trained in every martial art known to man, and out of every single one of those forms of fighting he knows 127 that are deadly. These 127 are the main forms of fighting that make up his normal fighting style. He is known to change his styles in order to become unpredictable to his opponents.His primary style of combat though is a mixture of Judo, Ninjitsu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Boxing, Karate and Dragon Style Kung Fu.

Because of his training Batman has also mastered nearly all weapons known to man, even most firearms. Batman's combat skill surpasses most metahumans and normal men, and he even knows every pressure point and nerve strike in the human body, as well as dim mak ("death touch") techniques. These can cause dangerous pain to his enemies which can lead to dizziness, numbness, unconsciousness, temporary paralysis, disorientation, and even death.

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Both have 2 hours prep

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This has been done 4 times this week alone. Do you people have any imagination.

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This has been done 4 times this week alone. Do you people have any imagination.