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For the next installment of Batman, do you think it is possible to have the next film feature some horror elements to separate it from the Nolan universe? Batman has a history of run-ins with psychopathic killers and monsters, so why not have the film take place in Arkham Asylum? Or have him take on some of Gotham's most fearsome crime lords and assassins?

Potential enemies would include Hugo Strange, The Joker, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Zsaz for the first version or The Joker (again), Black Mask, Azrael, Hush, Deadshot etc for the second...

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No Joker, no Ra's, no Two-Face, no Bane, no Talia. If they're going to reboot him, then they want to stay far away, from Nolan's movies.

I'd say, have Riddler be the main bad guy in the first movie, with him manipulating Killer Croc, Zsasz, and maybe Scarecrow into going after Bats. With Croc's dark sewers and Scarecrow's gas, there should definitely be some horror material in there. Introduce Thomas Elliot, and introduce the movie after the death of Jason Todd. Do a quick runover and say Bats had a partner, who grew up and moved on. So he got another, but he died. So Bats is alone, blah blah blah. Second movie, have Hush be the main bad guy along with Strange and Clayface, with Riddler again manipulating the strings behind the scenes, so basically a two part Hush storyline. A third movie can be about Under the Red Hood, finally introducing the Joker. And it sets up for prequels with the first Robin, and Nightwing.

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they could add some horror element to it like the movie saw, seven or use arkham asylum to it. i think it would be cool to see clayface, the riddler, harley quinn and hush in the next movie reboot.

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It would be cool if done right. Something like Arkham Asylum.