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Do u think batman can handle Spiderman villans without prep same as spiderman can he handle batman villians without prep and the villans are all bloodlusted

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Many of Spider-Man's higher end foes would beat Bats without prep.

Spider-Man would lose to some of Bats more powerful foes as well.

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@mysterioususername: @themanintheshoe: what no this is spider man.not superman so no zod or metallo and honestly i think spiderman can handle bat villian for mist part but alot of spiderman villian would give batman hell in my opinion

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@oceanmaster21: Why did you reply to me?

I said Spider-Man in my post after all. :P

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@oceanmaster21: HAHA, how embarrassing! Maybe that's why Stan Lee put a "-" between Spider and Man so people wouldn't mistake the two, maybe you should have too!

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Honestly? Batman could take most of Spider-Man's gallery. I can't think of one villain that he hasn't faced a slight variation on in his own world already. My mind keeps coming back to Doc Ock as a potential threat, but honestly, despite his genius, Otto Octavius is pretty bumbling. Yes, he switched bodies with Peter Parker, but that was his masterwork, his greatest claim to infamy.

Anyway, yes. Batman could handle most of Spider-Man's villains. People underestimate how versatile his current suit and utility belt is. With such a wide array of tools at his disposal, he doesn't need to spend hours preparing to fight a villain. Nevermind that, but I think Spidey's rogues would be expecting a slightly "softer touch" than Batman would give them.