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how does bruce get along with the avengers?

Stark with the JL?

Bruce has how many love interests in Marvel?

Tony in dc?

Does the JL like Tony more than bruce?

The vengers like bruce more than tony?

How do bruce and Cap get along?

Tony and Cyborg get along or are they constantly trying to hack into eachother lol?

Bruce and Thor get along?

Tony and Superman get along?

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Marvel becomes awesome.

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Hmmmm Bruce and Thor could get along ... I could see that. I could see Bruce and Cap being sparring buddies/ rivals on who is superior. Stark and Cyborg would have some kind of rivalry on who could be the best tech master. Supes wouldn't get along with Tony. Correct me if I'm wrong but Tony is... cocky. Anyways Bruce and Tony would have a special relationship with their new teammates. I didn't say they'd get along in the beginning but as time would pass they would get used to who they work with. I also thing they'd both have a bunch of love interests.

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Batman kills (or more accurately, scares straight) the Marvel Universe.

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I don't see them getting along with many people. But maybe that's because I've been awake for a whole day and.some hours.

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Bruce and Cap would probably get along pretty well. Same with Thor.

But, Tony and the rest of the JLA...

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I think the Jl would'nt mind fighting along side tony. I mean bats is great and all but in a big fight iron man could be more useful. They would have to get used to his attitude. Cyborg and him could upgrade eachothers tech.

Bats would do good in the avengers. Him and cap would have excellent battle strategy's working off of eachother.

I think bats would be cool in the marvel universe because the avengers arn't always fighting powerhouses like the JL. We could see bats fight with a ton of street level villains.

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Tony will probably make it his life goal to sleep with Wonder Woman.

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and then fail miserably lol

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Batman takes over and brings justice to marvel universe.

Tony tries the whole civil war thing again and gets stomped on

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Tony tries to get into Wonder Woman's pants and gets hated by the whole team for being a controlling jackass.

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@wolverine08: I could so see this coming! Tony tries and fails miserably to mack on Diana and gets played in front of the whole League.

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Starks an Ahole but shares his tech with the JL to advance them. Bats get booted because he trusts no one in the Avengers and becomes a top tier street leveler in MU.

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...What tech could Tony bring that the JL doesn't have?

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You forgot the most important question How does Joker react?

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DC loses it's best selling comic person, Marvel gets a hell of alot cooler.

X-Men + Batman? Replace Young Avengers with Teen Titans and goodbye DC.