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Would you give The New 52 Flash the ability to fly? Would that make him more powerful?

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Barry Allen runs so fast that I don't think he needs to fly.

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Nahh. He's the Flash. The light speed running is kind of his thing.

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He doesn't need to fly.

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I prefer a flying Flash like Johnny Quick (Johnny Chambers) and Kingdom Come Flash.

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why would you give him flight? I dont get the point

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Just keep him about 10-20 notchs above Supermans speed and i'm happy.

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Running at light speed just sounds dumb.

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Didn't Flash back then, run on light beams?

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If he's running at the speed of light, then theoretically, he should be able to run through the air... It's the same concept as him running across water... In fact, his velocity wouldn't have to be anywhere near the speed of light for the density of the atmosphere to be thick enough for him to run on or through...

@colonyofcells said:

Running at light speed just sounds dumb.

Have to agree with you... the electrical impulses that travel through human neurons, travel SLOWER than the speed of light. So, him being able to see or think fast enough to make a turn or know when to stop?????? Yeah, you have to come up with one of those, "It's the speed force" explanations...