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So, I just started the trinity war and i'm..not necessarily lost but feeling like i'm missing back story here. I own the justice league comics from 1-17 in trade hardbacks and 18-28 in comic form. I noticed that at 18 it began showing chapters of shazam. Were these in comics earlier than 18 that weren't in the trades?

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@exphio: If I recall correctly, the JL title has been doing off and on Shazam back ups since March of '12. it was called "The Curse of Shazam!" And the zero issue of JL was all about Shazam.

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Yeah, you missed about 6-7 Shazam! stories which are now collected in a trade. Also all the pre trinity war JLA issues are basically a prequel to the crossover

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Might wanna read some Pandora &/or Phantom Stranger to get a better picture.