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This is a thread to post up some recommendations on back issues that consists of first appearances, feats, and other great events which are of more affordable pricing in current times and will be of greater purpose in the near future. I've been trying to get some information on how to start my comic colllection, but having trouble filling up some spaces in back issues. Please feel free to post up your collection, as well as those that are on your wish list.

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Almost a thousand reviews check them out.

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@ckuakini: Here are some:

1. Star Wars Tales 9: Battle between Darth Maul and Darth Vader

2. Uncanny Xmen 221: Xmen versus Marauders. First Appearance of Mr. Sinister

3. Wolverine 88: First and classic battle between Deadpool and Wolverine

4. Batman 489: Bane demolishing Killer Croc

5. X-Factor 50: Apocalypse versus Loki

6. Punisher 33: Versus Reavers

7. New Mutants 75: Magneto versus Sebastian Shaw

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@blazinasian112: thanks for the feedback and good references. Do you know any of the DC titles?

Here's some of mine of the Marvel titles:

  1. Uncanny X-Men #266. First Appearance of Gambit
  2. New Mutants #98. First Appearance of Deadpool

Here's some of mine of DC titles that might be of good reference later on it the future:

  1. Green Lantern (vol. 1) #7. First Appearance of Sinestro
  2. Green Lantern (vol. 1) #65. First Appearance of Black Hand
  3. Aquaman (vol. 1) #11. First Appearance of Mera
  4. Aquaman (vol. 3) #19. First Appearance of Topo. Battle Against Ocean Master. Aqualad Returns.
  5. Green Lantern (vol. 4) #25. First Appearances of the Other Lantern Corps including Atrocitus, Saint Walker, and the Orange Lantern Corps
  6. Sinestro Corps Special #1. First Appearance of Arkillo

It's weak. I know, but trying to build up my vintage and collector's issues as we speak. Let me know if you have any other issues that will be of greater purpose in the future. More affordable ones.

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anyone know of any affordable issues that hold first appearances and feats of great events? lmk!