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Each week we take a close look at cool collectibles. We open them up and see if they are as awesome as they appear in the packaging. From time to time, we like to look at LEGO sets. This week's selections aren't necessarily comic book collectibles like we usually see. LEGO has a great line of 'Monster Fighters' sets and these creatures have appeared in several comics in many different forms. These are great sets and I thought we'd take a slight departure and stretch the 'comic book' part just a tiny bit.

The first set we'll look is the Crazy Scientist and His Monster, which is essentially Frankenstein's Monster.

Surprisingly this set only has 430 pieces. Even though it wasn't difficult to put together, looking at all the pieces plus the two separate instruction booklets, it just felt like there was more.

You get a lot in this set. The scientist's lab is basically a playset. You also get a vehicle for the Monster Fighters. There's four figures included. The set also includes some glow-in-the-dark pieces as well as a light brick with some movable parts. The light up piece is used for the laser in the lab.

== TEASER ==

In the lab, there is a glow-in-the-dark skull in a jar. There's also a dungeon with a rat and spider that glow-in-the dark. The dungeon is pretty small. It's a sign for the other LEGO characters that they won't want to get locked in there.

There's also a chain attached to the dungeon for other captives. On top of the cell there is a catapult along with three pieces of ammo you can shoot at any Monster Fighters coming along.

As for the Monster Fighter dudes, they get a car that is equipped to take on any monsters they might face. Unfortunately for the Crazy Scientist, they are headed his way.

What's a Crazy Scientist to do when the Fighters come and insist he stop his experiments? He can simply call his creation to come along and deal with these guys.

They may be Monster Fighters but that doesn't mean they have to win the fight against the monsters.

The next set is The Werewolf.

This set is a little cheaper and has 243 pieces. There's only two figures, the Werewolf and one of the Monster Fighters. Sadly, it's one of the same guys from the other set. It would have been nice if he at least had a different head or something.

The pieces come in two bags and there's only one instruction manual.

The set comes with a big tree for the Werewolf to hang out in. It's not a regular tree as there is a place you can put him to launch him at any attackers. His little wolf shrine is pretty cool as well.

The Werewolf's claws glow in the dark. It might not make a whole lot of sense but it does look pretty cool in the dark.

The Monster Fighter here has a pretty snazzy little car. If you're a Monster Fighter, you want to have a fast set of wheels to get to or away from any threats.

I mentioned the ability to launch the Werewolf from the tree. You can see it right here:

But what we really want to know is how will this encounter go. The Monster Fighter is looking to rid the world of the Werewolf. He has a car and a big old gun. Is this a fair fight?


The last set we'll look at is The Swamp Creature.

This is the cheapest set of the three. There's only 70 pieces but it comes with what is basically the Creature from the Black Lagoon!

I think this 'monster' is my favorite of the three. Like the Werewolf, he has a little shrine where he can put his stuff like a couple gems, a frog and a fish he'll eat for dinner later.

"Sounds like something's coming this way"

This Monster Fighter thinks he's pretty cool. He has two faces, with or without sunglasses.

Now we can see what happens when these two meet up.

"Later suckers!"

There are other LEGO sets in this line. You can see that LEGO has really outdone themselves. If you're a fan of the classic monsters, it's going to be hard to pass these up.

That's it for this week. These were a blast to put together. Next week we'll have another installment with a collectible of massive proportions.

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Swamp Creature looks like Mer-Man from Master of the Universe

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Right my new years resolution is to buy some LEGO. I'm always jealous when i read these articles Tony!

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Man, Lego SUCKED when i was a kid! ;P

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Cool sets tony:-) I love monsters. Wish there was a monster comic. I understand I VAmpire comes pretty close. Still wish there was a Van Helsing comic. That would be topps!

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@Mucklefluga said:

Right my new years resolution is to buy some LEGO. I'm always jealous when i read these articles Tony!

I haven't bought any in 6 years....
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@LiamB8 said:

@Mucklefluga said:

Right my new years resolution is to buy some LEGO. I'm always jealous when i read these articles Tony!

I haven't bought any in 6 years....

Really? O: My last set was the Deadpool/Wolverine/Magneto one which i bought last year.

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They look pretty cool if I was into Lego I would buy these in a heartbeat.

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Wow, swamp beast kinda looks like Majora from the Zelda games!

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I own the ghost train set & it's by far the coolest of the Monster Fighters sets. The only thing is, why are those d-bags always fighting the monsters? The monsters are awesome!

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@BST: That's why the Monsters here won each battle!

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The Swamp creature is so CUTE! Maybe I should get it for my mom. She loves Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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@Loki2u: LOL, he does!