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AVX a great disappointment!

a. Illogical that super powered beings can't beat the hell out of Captain America.

b. Battle between professor x and Rachel Grey, Obvious that Rachel used both her tk and tp to attack professor x. since when does great tp deflect a concussive force such as that?

c. Why would Jean turn Cyclops into a Dark Phoenix if she really is the Phoenix force herself?

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I only read Marvel events at this point to make sure that Marvel didn't kill off one of my favorite characters and to LOL, other than that..I learned since Secret Invasion that Marvel events aren't worth a crap.

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AvX, in general, was a train wreck.

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I didn't understand most of it and I merely bought some issues of it for the battles and lulz.

It made me want to never buy Marvel again, since I was already a hardcore DC fan and AvX seemed so... unfinished and unpolished.

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@TheMinister said:

AvX, in general, was a train wreck.


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Color me shocked.

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AvX didn't disappoint. Everybody knew it sucked right from the get-go.

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I dropped AVX after issue 4 so other then the fact that Cyclops kills Professor X, I have no freakin idea what happened in that series.

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It's 'next generation fiction', what do you expect?

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I liked it. Did it have flaws? Yes. But I still liked it