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I was watching an older episode of Comicbook Men and the show opened up with the discussion on the what average comic book super hero was. Walt said 35, and then Mike said it was mentioned that it was actually 29. I remember reading something about this a while back. Something about it being one of the reasons that DC comics did change the continuity and merged the multiverse besides merging the multiverse. It's also how Frank Miller came up with the idea of Dark Knight Returns. He turned 30 and didn't want to be older then Batman. I always wondered what people thought some of the ages of the more popular characters are now. Batman and the X-Men come to mind more then others. Batman because he's raised a few people like Dick and Tim. Dick is an adult now. I would have to say he's at least 21, even tho I'd look at him as being more of around 25. So let's say he became Robin 12, and he is 21. If Batman is 29, does that mean he took in Robin when he was 20? How old was he when he became Batman. Batman always seemed to be older then the rest of the JLA, even Superman. I've always looked at him as being around 38 or 39. 40 makes him over the hill and Batman just isn't that. We've also seen the X-Men grow from Teens to Adults. I see Cyclops being around 35. There has been so many members that the original New Mutants are adults. Spider-Man is on a similar list too because of what we've seen from him. He's graduated college and now has a career after jumping a few jobs. I'd put him around 33 to 35 also. I'm just curious. does anyone else look at some characters as being in an age bracket? Batman is more screwy now tho with the New 52 making everyone younger. Superman now comes off around being 21 to 24 but Batman, just because Dick is not so super young, still comes off older then 30 to me. Having a 10 year old kid doesn't make it easier either. Who else is what age and why??

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25-30. Something around there.

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I can believe that Bruce Wayne was 20 when he met Dick Grayson, because he became Batman when he came back to Gotham. A way to look at that is when his parents died he left Gotham but when he became an adult (18-20) he was probably pressured by Wayne enterprise to come back to run it because he was the heir and was now old enough to take over it. He probably never wanted to come back but because he did he decided to become Batman. And i guess being young (20) is an attractive age to be a playboy if you are very rich.

I always wondered how old the Joker was. Already in his 30s when Batman was in his 20s? Anyone?

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I always envision superheroes being between 25 to 35 (outside of the ones who are clearly portrayed as teenagers or much, much older. Then again, there is so much license taken by each writer, I kind of put it out of mind.

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@lykopis said:

I always envision superheroes being between 25 to 35 (outside of the ones who are clearly portrayed as teenagers or much, much older. Then again, there is so much license taken by each writer, I kind of put it out of mind.


With a few exceptions. Like...

Captain America while he is technically in his 90s, being frozen in ice for almost 70 years, combined with the unknown affects the Super Soldier Serum may and does have on his pysiology, it is hard to determine what his physical age actually is, I've always figured around 30-32 years.

Thor and Wonder Woman for obvious reasons, being immortal.

Vision and other robots and/or androids

Wolverine due to his healing factor, etc, etc.

But the majority of heroes are between 25-35 years of age.

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@JediXMan said:

25-30. Something around there.

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i like to think of batman around 35-40 too, just because he seems like a wise mature person who has experienced a lot. I cant think of him in his twenties. I see all the original, older x-men as around 30-35. the original new mutants being around mid twenties, then the new new mutants (mercury, armor, pixie, rockslide etc) around 18 and 19, with hope and the lights and wolverines school kids actually being highschool age. As a side note i remember Emma Frost joking that she'd turned 25 for the past 3 years haha