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So i was thinking about it lately if they would make a movie about it. I thought that if somehow Marvel would make this movie they should concentrate on making a X-men 4 movie FIRST cuz they need to show how powerful the X-men are. If you look at the past X-men movies they were very gentle on showing the characters power. In my mind i made a story line for the X-men 4 its called "X-men 4 The Rise of the Dark Phoenix" i would tell you the story but it would be very long.

So back to the Avengers vs X-men, i made an individual match up for them

X-men vs Avengers

Cyclops vs Capt. America

Wolverine vs Hawkeye

Storm vs Thor

Rogue vs Ms. Marvel

(in the X-men movie i made she somehow gains back her powers and Ms. Marvels power)

Nightcrawler vs Spiderman

Colossus (with the juggernaunt thing) vs Hulk

Mystique vs Black Widow

Shadowcat vs Luke Cage ( the girl who cant be touched vs the guy who has impenetrable skin)

Magneto vs Ironman ( i think its a bit biased but who knows Stark has always something under his sleeves)

i still haven't found a match for Iceman i was thinking that he has a special mission

so what do you guys think??