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This is not what you think it is. This message is to tell people to stop comparing The Avengers with The Dark Knight Rises. They are 2 VERY DIFFERENT movies and should not be compared. It's almost like comparing Halo and Call of Duty, one relies on explosions/action and goregous set pieces and the other relies on great gameplay and a compelling story. Each have their up's and downs. The Avengers has great characters, comedy and huge action scenes. The Dark Knight Rises has an amazing story, great acting, and few, but very memorable action sequences filled with tension and suspense. These movies should not start up arguments and fanboy rage because in the end, it's your opinion! No one will win this war, because no matter what there will always be someone to against your word. So please, quit comparing these movies and just enjoy what both have to offer! :)

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Oh thank god. I thought this was going to be another thread fueling the war. 
There is nothing wrong with liking both. We should all stop comparing them, and instead, be grateful we have them.

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In before Avenger Vs TDKR flame war

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