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Take away that its a major cross over with the same actors (except hulk) than the script was only a little more than decent, man of steel was a better story but avengers was just a better movie... But world's finest will be better

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Avengers. Reasons?

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@doomnaut said:

Avengers. Reasons?

That's one of the biggest problems I had with Avengers.

Man of Steel all the way.

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I liked Superman more.

I'm more into loner heroes and good fights and the fights in "Man Of Steel" were spectacular. I also liked that he killed Zod in the end, because it was necessary
However, there are two things I didn't like all too much about "Man Of Steel":

- I missed more regular superhero work from Superman. I wanted to see him interact with people and how they would react to him,
- I also wanted to see them showing that no one is able to recognize Clark Kent as Superman, but that kinda didn't look like it in the end ... That left us with Johnathan Kent sacrificing his life and jumping into the tornado to protect the truth about his son and Clark in the end was like: "I AM CLARK KENT! BUT I AM ALSO SUPERMAN!"

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pacific rim >>>>> mos,avengers.

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Both are super hero movies but both are completely different so they should not be compared to each other.

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Man Of Steel easily. It's the better movie. The Krypton sequence alone puts the Avengers to shame. Then there's the ever ANNOYING RDJ, and that Scooby Doo ending where they... "Take the bad guy away", yay!

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Avengers is better, Superman's actions towards Zod in Man of Steel made me dislike that movie intensely.

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The Avengers!

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I personally prefer Man of Steel. The music was better for me.