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How old were you and why did you start in the first place?

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I've been reading comics since I was 7 but it wasn't until around High School I started collecting

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23 (2012) and I've always liked comic book characters and there is a LCS near me so I went in there one day and bought a comic to see how I would like it and I haven't looked back since.

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Well... do the Superman and Spiderman comics that I only looked at the pictures count? That was me when I was 5.

If it doesn't count and only me reading it for the story, then about 8 years old.

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When I was a teenager.

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13. My first comic: Flash #1 New 52

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I was 18, so around 1 year and 5 months ago!

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I was 7 or so. Maybe younger I'M 30 now. Every Saturday my mother would take me to the laundromat. Next door was a bodega that had comics. It was easy and cheap entertainment for me. I'd read that comic over and over. I still have them Tmnt Batman and Ghostbusters. Wasn't a few years later I got into marvel.

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Must have been about 6 years old. It was a natural progression. The toys I was really into back in the 80's were the Super Powers and Secret Wars figures. I was buying comics before I could actually even read them. The first thing I remember reading all by myself was a Batman comic that came with a cassette tape.

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I was five the first time I can remember reading a comic book (in 1995 - it was the Star Wars Droids Special), but I didn't start reading comics seriously until 2010, spurred on by the MCU and a friend who liked Deadpool (whether or not he still does I don't know).

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@jphu8414 said:

I've been reading comics since I was 7 but it wasn't until around High School I started collecting

Pretty much the same for me, more or less.

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@longbowhunter: a tape or a record? I remember a few comics that came with mini records.

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I started reading the Spiderman comic strip in the Sunday paper when I was six and BatmanTAS themed comic books made for kids a year later. I was 12 though when I started reading official comic books and graphic novels, that was the year Batman Begins was coming out. My mom would take us to the library almost every other day and it just happened that the only cushion chairs to sit down was by the graphic novels and Batman: Long Halloween was on display.

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@mtrakos: No, it was a tape. The comic was the first issue of The Untold Legend of the Batman, by Len Wein and John Byrne. I recently re bought that comic. Brought back a lot of memories.

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At age 23. I enjoyed the movies and cartoons and wanted more stories than what they were offering and the only option was to read comics.

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11 or 12. I accidentally bought a book of short stories based on the Sandman series, and loved them. So I went and bought the first volume of Sandman, and I was hooked.

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from 6-8 yrs old then i took a very long break and didn't get back into comics till i was 23 yrs old been reading ever since .

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i started reading comics when i was a freshmen in high school so i was around thirteen years old.

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I count manga as comics so


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6 i think.

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My 15th birthday

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I "read" my first comics when I was 5 years old I think (mostly disney). Then I stopped around when I became a teenager. However started to do it more serious and a thing I took up again when I was in my mid teens over 10 years ago.

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When my family moved 5 minutes away from Mile High Comics, so around 11.

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when i was 5. my mom really got me hooked into reading by using comics.....and 31 years later.......still goin strong on the comics, and now working on doing the same with my son....

When my family moved 5 minutes away from Mile High Comics, so around 11.

nice! lucky!!!

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This year.

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I was seven. My old man used to take me and my younger brothers to our local comic shop every week.

I love the art. I love the stories.

And I like a story where the good guy actually wins.

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Started buying 'em when I was 6-7. Didn't start actually reading the words until I was 14 :P

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I dunno, four maybe, in the UK Dandy and Beono release a annual every Christmas and Mine go back to the year of my birth, the first things I read were comics, but I can't remember what age I started reading... I thought most kids grew up with the Beano, Dandy and Topper, do other countries have comic Annuals?

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looked at the pictures wwhen i was 6 and didnt start reading till 13

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I had a few random back issues I would read over and over again when I was about 8, I didn't get heavy into it until I was around 19 or 20 though.

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16. My first book was the Mighty Thor #4 by Matt Fraction.

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14 years old.

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Ahhh when I was very little I can't even remember, I guess I watched like the 90's batman films, then the x-men and spiderman tv series and then it kind of just continued on from there and interspersed into picking up any comics we (me and my brothers) could. Some of our earliest were Judge Dredd and Lobo, accompanied by your typical Batman, x-men etc.

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The first time I pick up a comic book was around the age of 9, but I didn't start reading and collecting comics on a monthly bases until about the age of 13-14.

The first comic I read was a reprint of Captain America #109 that came with a Marvel Legends action figure.

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I was only 5 years old.

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6 when ultimate spIderman #1 came out

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Super-hero comics, about aged 8 I think....

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7-8. Started collecting in my teens.

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Around 4-5. I didn't start collecting with a right mind until I was around 15.

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I started reading them when I was 10 and started collecting them when I was well, 10 I guess.

But great answers guys! I love hearing your stories!!

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16 (2013) I have The Dark Knight By Frank Miller and one of X-man, that i do not remember the name.

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I was ten when I bought my first, it was Savage Dragon #16.

my dad was into comics backs then too, so i looked at some of his wolverine and predator comics before then.

I'm eighteen now, so I guess my first was in 2006

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6 years ago, when I was 13.

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