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I think the title for this weeks Ask, and Ye Shall receive... Answers is more like Ask, and Ye Shall receive... an Answer.

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@Alchemax_7: No way, man! I gave like three different things to consider. One was suspension of disbelief. Then I went into the other stuff.

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@G-Man: Awesome video but let me amend my statement. Ask, and Ye Shall receive... an Answer with detailed Subcategories featuring humour, intelligent research/knowledge and generally awesome content.

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can i get you tube link

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Cool video! Just want to point out, and kind of a moot point since we are talking about potential stories for comics, but most of what CSI does can be considered science is not accurate to real world forensic techniques at all.

#7 Posted by girlinfourcolors (12 posts) - - Show Bio

DNA testing is also prohibitively expensive in a lot of cases. I'd imagine most of the Gotham Police Department's budget goes toward hazard pay keeping cops on the job after the Joker attacks.

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batman and his clean slates ha

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Thanks as always for the video. I have a question, If you could ask anyone else a what if question what would it be and who? Also I really love the Awesome Art articles you do. Would it be worth it to do a fan art one from members of the site? Sitting at my desk drawing a Green Lantern in Korea and thought of it. Thanks for the tireless effort.

#10 Posted by whiteknight67 (46 posts) - - Show Bio

They are Superheroes they don't have DNA that is readable or traceable. What issue of Spider-Man is behind your left shoulder? Thanks for all "YOU" do.

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Coool video, G-Man! As a cop, its often hard to get a good, clean fingerptint. you also can't get them off of every surface. And yes, DNA has to be in the system for a match. Some departments have stopped taking prints and only use DNA, now.

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Effing videos have not been working right for me lately. What the hell?

#13 Posted by PortlandsBatman (210 posts) - - Show Bio

@whiteknight67: It is Amazing Spider-Man #40.

#14 Edited by G-Man (19193 posts) - - Show Bio

@Timotheus316: Some have said it's a Flash issue. Maybe you need to update? There's also the youtube version. Link is in a comment above.

@whiteknight67: ASM 39. The print is signed by John Romita Sr.

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@G-Man: It is 39? Even though it says 40?

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Oops. Yeah the cover speaks for itself.

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Great stuff!

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Thanks for answering my question big guy! Excellent work as always!

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An honest answer would have been: "the heroes would get caught out straight away"

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Nice explanation to the question ..Well put.

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Dude. We get it CBS owns Comic Vine please shut up about it already.