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Awesome video, thank you G-Man!

I'm honored that my question is answered in this video. I appreciate this.

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C'mon Tony you can say it. It sucked big balls when Morrison did that not only to Magneto or Xorn, but the X-Men and marvel universe in general. Doesn't mean they have to go and retcon the spit out of everything or anything. It's a big franchise, it can take it, and sometimes bad decisions get carried on until they are printed and even the author has to sit down, read it, and go: "yeah. I did not thing this through and they let me put this on paper. It does not make me nor the comic a piece of spit, but it did happen and it was not the best". It's ok that things like that happen. I'm not being sarcastic, I mean it was not the end of the world for the X-Men universe, and I'm specially grateful it was not the end of its publication (not that I think it should have been, by far). Stan and Jack did their best and it got cancelled Grant Morrison did its worst (mediocre, at its best) and it survived, that's how big a name X-Men is, that's the comic books industry.

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Cyborg is apparently the T-Dog of the Justice League.

I do my random acts of kindness with my #spontaneoustwitterlove I even brought it to the podcast in questions a few weeks back. Maybe I'll add something to the question I plan on submitting for this week.

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Thanks for answering my question. :D

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f cyborg! let him stay in background where he belongs.

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Love the Court of Owls mask in the back ground! Where'd you get it!?

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That music sounds like Futurama!

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@BoyWander: Got the mask at SDCC. DC was also giving them out at NYCC.

@Nefilim927: It sounds like it but it's not. It's a royalty free song because using the actual would require $$.

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It's not that I mind Cyborg on the JLA (I don't), but I was hoping there would be some way to also tie him in to the Teen Titans again.

Sorry that there wasn't a clear cut history to the various teen teams before the New 52 really kicked in.

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@BoyWander said:

Love the Court of Owls mask in the back ground! Where'd you get it!?


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Thank you very much for answering my questions man. I am @Kem_47

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Indeed it would, nothing wrong with a tribute. Good stuff as always

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ISSSUE 40 of INVINCIBLE!!!!!! G-Man, u should be ashamed. We need to catch you up haha

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I would definitely check out a Cyborg solo series, and theoretically DC still does have 3 slots left to fill post the cancelled titles. It would just be nice to see DC support this character they decided to throw in with all there biggest names instead of have him as just a walking bat computer. There's a lot of potential they could do with him between his father issues and the crisis he's having in dealing with being part machine (probably the best moment from the Villain's Journey arc that didn't involve Steve Trevor)

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Ashley Wood does do a lot of art for the games, especially the PSP ones. They opted for cut scenes made with his art over real time cut scenes with the PSP graphics.

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on the topic of digital I was iffy at first until I ran across comic rack... I love being able to sync my digital files on my android tablet and phone, and it refreshes my library as to what I've read and updates new books via wifi. I do agree part of the experience is having the actual books and reading them. I still but older books off ebay and most I'll never read if they are something I want to keep mint. Also 1500 books digitally vs 1500 physical books that take up space is a b!tch.

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@TitanTempest said:

ISSSUE 40 of INVINCIBLE!!!!!! G-Man, u should be ashamed. We need to catch you up haha

Check this out, this is just the comics from this week and last week (since I was at NYCC).

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Well you know you have a great job when you are crossing your fingers that you will still be there in 25 years, ha! Why don't you do these seated, doesn't it get frustrating standing in the same spot for an hour?!

I was actually going to also comment on the fact that it sounded like Futurama and your reply to that user made me wonder if you just compile a bunch of random free music you can find on the Internet or does someone else make it for you? I could listen to an album of that (although I suppose at 38 minutes I just did :P)

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Entertaining video like always. I was a little disappointed on your answer for best Hank Pym identity. How could you not choose Dr. Pym from West Coast Avengers? I just loved that he almost killed himself only to come to the realization that he was not utilizing the practical side of his abilities.

#20 Posted by G-Man (38684 posts) - - Show Bio

@Faeye: Sitting for that long would make me too lazy. I think standing gives me more energy and the ability to move around a little. I have a bunch of royalty free music I got from Vinny and Joey.

@Mezmero: My problem with WCA Hank was his costume was just a white lab coat. Sure he kept loads of things shrunk down in the pocket. It was just a little silly. He didn't even use a code name, if I recall correctly.

#21 Posted by neiliusprime (276 posts) - - Show Bio

the only thing Cyborg does is provide intel whenever Justice League need research on a villain. I'm hopeful that he will have a bigger role with the JL in the future

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Great vid! Thanks for posting! :)

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Thanks so very much for answering my question! Amazing job as always I will continue to watch every week and I know you will do a great job as always. I also agree with your analysis of my question for you put all the clues together and it makes sense.

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Wonderful episode just like always :) Thanks G-Man!

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@G-Man said:

@TitanTempest said:

ISSSUE 40 of INVINCIBLE!!!!!! G-Man, u should be ashamed. We need to catch you up haha

Check this out, this is just the comics from this week and last week (since I was at NYCC).

O_O "Wow, SO PRETTY!!!!" haha...... OK!! All is forgiven. <Whip pops> Now back to work, we need more comic goodness :-)

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30 sec ad!!!!!!!!!!!! bah!

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@Cavemold: Sorry man, gotta pay the bills. Hope it was a good one. I don't see them as a subscriber.

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Its ok lol! I understand :)

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what comic is that from at 3:33?

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Thanks for answering my questions, especially the one about Spider-Man.

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Dam now I have to go and by metal gear solid by IDW.

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yes the zorn not really being magneto was confusing but zorn did agree with magneto's way and he wanted to be him

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Well, I'm about a month late on this but thanks for answering my question about Hawkeye and Gambits solo comics. I pretty much agreed with everything you said.