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Great podcast, and thanks for clarifying questions here.

MY QUESTION: will you guys do a video review of Dredd?! It was excellent, and I'm sure everyone wants to know what you and Babs think, especially of Judge Andersen...

Did you think Judge Andersen was better than Black Widow in Avengers? Have to say, I did, which is high praise considering how well they wrote her in that one...

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Necrotic is a chick...

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Always fun to watch questions answered ^_^

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I do believe they mentioned the Justice League in one of the issues when someone made the comment about Diana having powerful friends.

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"I read them for my job" -> I want to be that lucky 
Obviously Darkseid got first  and JL is the best one - Never liked Iron Man
 REBOOT RECAST! for the GL movies 
Didn't Nick Fury just appeared (in comics time) ? and he is in the top ten already?  
I want to like Deadpool, I read some fun things but I don't like it when it gets toooooo crazy or gets over used
About New 52's Edge: 
We had 2 arcs one too long and the other plagued with over pseudo scientifict dialogues, the rest of the numbers introduced new foes every issue, a little more on the personal level of the characters would be good
It really dissapointed me with the first issues I expected this title about some sort of spy or infiltrator but he ended up running away most of the time, gave it a 2nd chance some numbers later and Liefield... gave it a 3rd chance in the last issues and got  a bit better 
Just for the art it was an instant "must see" but the story didn't get to me, I got back to it in the last numbers and found it interesting now 
(oh she was running away the first issues too, same with Resurection Man, but that did work for him)
Read it some numbers, wasn't my cup of tea, gave it a second chance... Liefield 
Suicide Squad  
Is not good/great, you can enjoy it tho I guess I do at some points but I miss the Secret Six so much
Art got me on the NO side, story/character didn't excited me and got me thinking of it as a Cyber Hulk but it grew on me in JLI
All Star Western  
Seems interesting but it feels odd to me in the middle of so many Cape comics maybe in other universe/editorial
I wanted to like it but the characters were a bit less than forgettable (except Mother Machine) even more when Lady Blackhawk was not Zinda...
Men of War/G I Combat  
I'm not a fan of war comics but both books grew on me, some of the stories were really interesting, once again maybe in another editorial/universe this could work "better" - I don't get the why of the MOW cancellation, Unknown Soldier seems to fit better into the DC/Cape Comics tho - maybe a mix between Unknown soldier and some of the stories as back up could have work better from the start 
Team 7 
Another undercover team book?, I don't know, time will tell but 0 didn't excited me & Deathstroke 0 featuring them for 4 pages didn't do any favor to the title
GI Combat had some dinosaurs in it, at least for the first 5 issues 
Can't recall where I read Wonder Woman was 18 and I thought about her book taking place before the events in Justice League

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I didnt like in Spider-men how things ended with Mysterio. 

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It's not nice to tease about foxes.

If Harold Ramis isn't attached the the GHOSTBUSTERS movie as either actor or writer, that series is dead to me. I'll stick to the original movie and the video game.

About Terry (BATMAN BEYOND) not in the main timeline. Dude, did you ever really think Marvel would cross 616 with the Ultimate universe? Anything is possible. It's more a question of should it be done.

I'm not doubting that you like Catwoman, but I'm kind of doubting you'd look as good in the cosplay. However, I could photoshop and test that. =)

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I had a thought that came to me when some of the recent Ultimate Marvel came up. Since Spider-Man meet Miles and was surprised to be in a world where he's dead, I wondered what would Earth 616 Captain America's reaction would be where he's the president of the U.S.A. and The X-men meeting the Ultimate X-Men and seeing what they're going through. & Reed Richards learning he's the bad guy in another universe. Might be interesting but I hope they won't do something like Spider-Men again for a long time. It's a great series but overdoing the whole 616/Ultimate crossover concept could go lose its appeal like Marvel's yearly crossover events that will change the face of the Marvel universe forever.

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@Psycho_Soldier: She mentions to be 23 years old in WW #11 when she faces off against Apollo, so by that logic she was 18 when she teamed up with the other Leaguers to take on Darkseid.

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So scared you were going to accidentally chuck that iPad into the wall behind you when you lifted it up, G-Man.

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careful g-man. your fanboy is showing.

#12 Posted by raptorsrevenge (27 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for the response. I'm excited for this new Spider-man story leading up to issue #700.

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Thanks, G-Man! I think you really helped me to decide. But when I now hear my question, it sounds so stupid. ;))

I always read comics very fussy (is that the correct term?) and try to bag and board all of them because I thought "I put a lot of money in my hobby, so I have to be careful with them". But I think you are right not to try preserving the comics so much for the future or "hope to get rich with them" but rather reading and enjoying them.

Nevertheless, I still won't eat a greasy taco and not washing my hands right before reading comics. ^^

Was there a new background track in the beginning? ;)

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Top 10 SHIELD Agents : DUDE, what about MARIA HILL ? Shocked you didn't mention her :O

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Hey they did both my questions, nice.

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@G-Man my favorite comic book dinosaur is definitely Dinosaurus from Image's Invincible. Great character. Ottley's art of Dinosaurus in issue 90 of Invincible was spectacularly awesome. I've re-read that ish several times just for the art.

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@Cervantes: G man did a review of Dredd for the site the day of or before the movie came out.

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hey g-man does your wife get mad when there's to many comics in the house?

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@Cavemold: Well, these days, they're not all mine. My daughter's collection is growing as well. She might have a full long box by now.

#20 Posted by Cavemold (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh that's great ! What books does she like? Similar taste to you?

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Listening to a lot of Midnight Brown and then watching these videos is always weird, but I think it's cool that Jeff lets you use that stuff (or lyric-less versions at least).

Still hilarious to hear some of Space Trucker during this.

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@Cavemold: We do but she obviously reads the all age books like Tiny Titans, Superman Family, Adventure Time, etc. Most of the current comics are not age appropriate, sadly. But she loves the Young Justice, Batman Beyond, Avengers, etc animated series.

@MooseyMcMan: We're a happy family.

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Teen Titans isn't too bad for young kids .

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On the Flashpoint vs. Crisis OIE, don't you think that FP will be on par with COIE in a few years? Crisis was a few years before my comics' addiction started, but people weren't trying to get me to read it, don't even remember it being on my radar. Once we get to see what happens inTrinity War we'll know more...IF...they dont f-it up before then.....

The Batman mini was my favorite of the tie-ins.

Another great video, thanks Babs and the the other guys for all your "hard work" (envious omg...)...)...)...)...)

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No way would Batman be able to defeat Iron Man. I can't believe G-Man resorted to the "prep time" ballyhoo.

That said, Batman Vs. Green Goblin, that would def be a great battle and think Bats would defeat him.

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Is the a Talon mask behind you? How did you get it? =O

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@sentryman555: I beat up an old Court member at SDCC. Did you ever see the picture Scott Snyder took during the Batman panel?

#28 Posted by sentryman555 (871 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man: I had not. Thats awesome! I wonder if Snyder was happy or creeped out having to look at all those faces lol

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Simply... Amazing! :-)