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#1 Posted by leobreaker (2 posts) - - Show Bio

i would love to see a FF reboot if the black panther had a cameo

#2 Posted by herrweis (489 posts) - - Show Bio

hey gman you are a bit mistaken,batman was a member in the original lineup of the jla

#3 Posted by Vermoot (107 posts) - - Show Bio

I think using Story Arcs as movie scenarios could work out pretty well, but the real thing is that the way comic books are made makes them more like TV Shows. You were talking about Civil War, yes, that kind of event would do good as a "Marvel Universe" season, or as its own movie, IF there was TV shows like Iron Man, etc... I could really see Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man as TV shows setting in a shared universe, like in the comic books, and big crossover events as movies, with tie-ins on TV.

I guess the only problem with that would be budget, and that's too bad. I think we couldn't have as good tv shows as the movies are, like, SFX etc.

On a not-so-but-still related subject, I saw some Doctor Who episodes (old ones), and I felt it was built in a really similar way as comic book arcs ! Like there was this 6-episodes arc, and so on. Anyone feels the same ?

#4 Posted by cdeoleo (142 posts) - - Show Bio

Thank for making the morning more bearable G-Man

#5 Posted by Xenozoic Shaman (422 posts) - - Show Bio

I've decided to not make my bed today. So there!

#6 Posted by G-Man (39196 posts) - - Show Bio

@herrweis: What I meant is he was barely on the team. The first "appearance" in Brave and the Bold, he had no part in defeating Starro.

In their first gathering as a team, as told in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #9, he basically just flew by in the bat-plane while the rest of the League fought aliens and were turned into trees.

#7 Posted by Vermoot (107 posts) - - Show Bio

As for comic book apps ("Maybe someone will put a comment" well I'l try :)) I don't know if you're talking about computer or "hand size" device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android Tablet ?), but i'll try to cover it all :

On a PC, you definitely want to use ComicRack. That's THE PC app. You can read, and collect your comic books, and IIRC, there even is a scrapper that collects infos from CV to tag your comics correctly. Then you have an iTunes for your comicbooks. NEAT !

On a Mac, I guess you would use Comicbook Lover. That's a nice one, it lets you tag your comics and all, just like ComicRack, but there is no scrapper, so you're gonna have to tag them manually. Might be hard if you have a lot of them. There is another mac app that's called Comic Book Collector and it looks pretty good, but I didn't try it so I couldn't tell you.

As for reading or collecting on an iPad, I read with ComicBox which is a VERY good paid app, and if you want a free app, well you could use Comicbook Lover for iPad, which is very good if you use it on your mac. Perfect symbiosis. Works on iPhone too.

On android phones or tablets, I don't know. I don't have any, so I haven't tried anything, but there sure are plenty of good apps you can try ;)

Hope I helped anyone looking for an answer, have a good time reading !

#8 Posted by Utandi (220 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for the video!

Keep 'em coming! :D

#9 Posted by Gatman50 (13 posts) - - Show Bio

I Love these videos, thanks for reading my question, it made my day!!!

#10 Posted by mattwing87 (441 posts) - - Show Bio

These videos get longer and longer! My question should be answered in the next video or the one after! :)

#11 Posted by G-Man (39196 posts) - - Show Bio

@mattwing87: I think that was page 10 on the thread!

#12 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2486 posts) - - Show Bio

What questions were asked, my computer wont play videos (its a whole big thing that I can't fix right now, don't worry about it), but I'd like to know what questions were talked about.

#13 Posted by riiiiiiiight (113 posts) - - Show Bio

@cdeoleo said:

Thank for making the morning more bearable G-Man

Yup. Awesome video G-Man, keep 'em coming.

#14 Edited by SparxSLX (7 posts) - - Show Bio

"There is another mac app that's called Comic Book Collector and it looks pretty good, but I didn't try it so I couldn't tell you."

I use this app its also available for PC and its amazing. Theres also two companion apps for your mobile devices. One is called CLZ Barry which is a barcode scanning app. its great for batch imports of all your comics. It also works for all the other collection software the company has. The other companion app allows for you to carry around your collection on your mobile device for reference or to show it off to your friends.

#15 Posted by Queso6p4 (1546 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely agree about Batman Inc. Love the first two Hellraiser movies. Ashley Laurence nailed it. Robocop or Terminator? Hmm. I like the first Robocop movie a lot and the second Terminator one a lot too. I'd also have to go with Terminator but just barely. The comic explanation question was awesome. I use collcectorz software for keeping track of my comics. It's kinda pricey up front but is well-worth it, imo. Loved G-Man's response to the age question.

#16 Posted by Jayze (13 posts) - - Show Bio

For collecting i just usually use a checklist app its a pain in the butt to manually add in every spider-man comic for web, spectacular , amazing and others but when I'm browsing through a comic book store or some garage sale it pays off if there's a comic that i don't remember if i have.

The app i use is called "a check list"

#17 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (40285 posts) - - Show Bio

This video doesn't work for me, it loads so far then just conks out

#18 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

G-Man, you definitely made me smile with your answer about how old you are. Exactly right I say! :D

#19 Posted by TheMess1428 (2211 posts) - - Show Bio

The original Justice League can be seen in two different views.

#1 - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter.


#2 - The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter.

There is no version of the original team where Superman was on the team and Batman wasn't.

#20 Posted by mattwing87 (441 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man said:

@mattwing87: I think that was page 10 on the thread!

I know. I think my question is on page 12!

#21 Edited by hyenascar (200 posts) - - Show Bio

holy crap, have none you been involved in real fighting. Just because someone defeats someone superior doesn't mean that they couldn't lose to someone less powerful. Not that Deadpool is the be all end all as far as fighting goes, but by no means is he fighting anyone he couldn't kill. He is a straight up killer who can't die, and is proficient in several weapons. But since he plays like he a silly guy people don't take him seriously. I haven't seen anything unlikely, because the truth of the matter is most writers write stories for their characters, such as spider-man, where he would have died several times over, but somehow they survive so everyone think they can't lose.

#22 Posted by Pixel_Kaiser (115 posts) - - Show Bio

Very cool, glad my question got answered! You're a rad dude, G-Man.

#23 Edited by SilverHammerMan (20 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally I prefer my Green Goblin to be just a costumed psycho as opposed to a genetic freak, like in Ultimate Spider-Man. I get that to a degree, it makes more "sense" to have him just be a genetic monster, but it's much less entertaining to me. Not to mention a big green dude who punches things isn't really visually interesting villain and it's a little too much like the Lizard, whereas when he's in costume he's got the glider, the bombs, the knives, and he can be flying around duking it out with Spidey in a way that's a bit cooler than a standard punch up. I do get that it'skind of goofy, but if we're willing to accept Spider-Man we should be willing to accept the Green Goblin. I prefer it when comics play up the aimless psychopath elements, as a opposed to trying to make him some some of Machiavellian Lex Luthor Lite character.

I think one of the main reasons comic book storylines don't get adapted is the continuity. Not in the sense that continuity is impenetrable, it isn't, but in the sense that in the comics these characters are already introduced. For example "Kraven's Last Hunt" works because we know who Kraven is and his status as a kind of a joke and we know who Spider-Man is and all that, but in a movie they would have to introduce Kraven and explain who he is anf the story would lose something. I thinking for now we'll have to be content with Hollywood just taking general plotlines and elements, though I do think there are stories that could be easily adapted, such as Green Lantern: Secret Origin, as G-Man mentioned. I never actually thought of it in the frame of being a sign that Hollywood doesn't really respect comics as a storytelling medium enough to really take more than general ideas from the stories, but that is a very interesting point to make and one that makes a lot of sense, even if it is a little depressing.

I suppose with the way modern comics are we could be considered due for a big crossover, but personally I don't want one. I think that the mini-crossovers we've seen in the New 52 and Mark Waid's Daredevil are the way to go, they help to establish the universe and let us see these character's interact with each other without being annoying and intrusive. And I hate the way Marvel is with crossovers right now, they've just gone from one to next and it's tiring, I honestly don't particularly want to see these characters fight each other again, I want to see the heroes fight some actual villains for a change, though I do think the way Marvel is publishing Avengers vs X-Men relatively free of tie-ins is good, even if I think the story is stupid. If I have my way I'd see DC continue as the are now for a few years, mostly keeping everything self contained and then using the mini-crossovers to establish a greater self of unity with their books, then in maybe 4 years time they could do a big crisis crossover, that way it would actually have impact and be like "Oh man, that sounds awesome, I want to read that!" as opposed to just "Another crossover? Didn't the last one end like, four months ago? Why should I even care?"

Given the choice between a Black Panther movie and a Luke Cage movie, I'd definitely have to go with Black Panther. I think that Luke Cage isn't all that interesting in isolation, he's interesting as a member of the Avengers, and I'd totally prefer Heroes For Hire movie with him and Iron Fist over a Black Panther movie, but if it was a choice of just Luke Cage or Black Panther, I'd go Black Panther.

For a Black Panther movie I'd have to vote for Klaw as the villain, because he's a classic villain and he's very high concept and sci-fi, and I think that would be more interesting than adapting Black Panther's Daredevil substitute phase. I could see the Black Panther movie going for a sort of james Bond-y tone, personally.

I really hope they keep Gwen Stacy dead, because her death was one of the most important in comics, so bringing her back would be a terrible move. That said, while I think some fear over Gwen Stacy coming back because of her prominent role in the new movie is warranted, it's important to remember that the movie was made by Sony, not Marvel, so Sony can't just tell them to bring back Gwen Stacy for cross-media synergy, though I do sometimes fear that some of the bean counters at Marvel would think that that's a great idea.

I'm fairly certain that Cyclops will survive Avengers vs X-Men, though I doubt he'll still have much of a fanbase, and I think I saw him on one of upcoming X-line covers as an adult, standing with the modern X-Men, in contrast to the time lost teens version. My bet for character deaths right now is Professor X, though he hasn't been heavily involved in the crossover he has started appearing recently, and it would be all the more "dramatic" if the teen X-Men arrived in a future were Professor X is dead. Not that I want Prof. X to die mind you, I still like the character, despite the near constant character assassination from writers over the last several years.

These videos are too darn long G-Man, I have to like, keep notes on what I want to say in the comments and pause the video so I can write down the gist of what I want to say. And my comments wind up being essay length since you cover so much stuff.

#24 Posted by SilverHammerMan (20 posts) - - Show Bio

@hyenascar: Oh yeah, Deadpool could definitely kill the the Hulk just by virtue of being a bad MF who's hard to kill.

Sure you've got a point about the fact the comic characters don't have a strict rock-paper-scissors progression, like Captain America-Iron Man- Thor or something, but it still stretches credulity that Deadpool could kill every other Marvel character, since that includes characters like Thor and the Hulk, who are ridiculously powerful. Not to mention, I think the official line is that someone like Wovlerine or Deadpool can actually be killed, provided you obliterate them all at once, since that's how Wolverine died in Days of Future Past.

Then again Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe is a deliberate comedy-horror book, so I suppose readers just have to kind of role with the concept, even if it doesn't make sense in universe.

#25 Posted by crazyflashfan11 (182 posts) - - Show Bio

@mattwing87 said:

@G-Man said:

@mattwing87: I think that was page 10 on the thread!

I know. I think my question is on page 12!

Yea! me too!!!

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I just want to thank you for making this site Troll free, smart, and informative. :D

#27 Posted by notarandomguy (318 posts) - - Show Bio

GOD DAMN IT MARVEL.... juts buy the rights of the movies!!!!!! por que Disney no quiere comprar los derechos? Marvel Studios no puede solo... they already lost the power rangers so before someone decides to make a(nother) crappy movie go and get your rights back!

#28 Posted by RoTheKid (259 posts) - - Show Bio

Really like these videos! Keep 'em coming! :)

#29 Posted by Jolt92 (189 posts) - - Show Bio

But I hate making my bed!

#30 Posted by G-Man (39196 posts) - - Show Bio

@SilverHammerMan: They're commercial free too!

#31 Posted by secondfallen616 (119 posts) - - Show Bio

Hawkeye versus Crossbones?

The whole Tim Drake/Redrobin thing, ill go with Lobdell for now only because Tims becoming a Robin is/was a so much different kind circumstance, he wasnt picked exactly, he detected his way into the Bat -Family.

#32 Posted by sho3s22 (121 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't understand why the whole five years for justice league to get together means all the robins had to happen in those five years...just because that's how long the justice has been together does not mean that's how long all these other heroes have been operating...for all we know batman could've at it for 5 years or more. That gives plenty of time for the robins to rotate. While I hate Lobdell's Tim Drake being red robin and never a robin, this should help explain.

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Best exclamation? Sweet Christmas it's not even a contest!

#34 Posted by bloggerboy (704 posts) - - Show Bio

Cool video!

Is that a Droids picture in the background? Awesome show.

#35 Posted by G-Man (39196 posts) - - Show Bio

@DefaultProphet: YOU'RE not even a contest!

@bloggerboy: YES! It's an animation cel from the show!

#36 Posted by 7DEADPOOL7 (132 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man hey what do you think of a new duo series like deadpool and cable but with deadpool and taskmaster?