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!!! My Question !!! Thanks for Answering Gman lol and you can totally say Fender , but im starting to like the Fenderxxxxx.

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i would read a Magneto or Brainiac comic. i cant think of anyone else.

#4 Posted by Testla1 (59 posts) - - Show Bio

I dunno... Suicide squad is pretty cool... I suppose that might be different though considering that it's not just one villain.

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I think the Darkness comics represent a villain comic that has been on going. Does Jackie do good things at times yeah, but he is overall selfish and focused on what he wants. I think any skilled writer can write a villain ongoing title. I think sometimes that is what we are missing in comics. We see what makes the heroes tick, but at times we leave the bad guys to being shallow. Villain does bad because he is bad and nothing more. I would like to see villain stories.

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Darth Vader? he's had several series. What about Secret Six for that matter

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I'd love a baroness ongoing but then I have a thing for brunette's in leather.

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I'm really upset with the fact Deathstroke got cancelled. I mean the writing was excellent and so was the art and it had plenty of fan base to it too. Same with Blue Beetle. I don't know why the don't just cancel Batwing or something like that.

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I could go for a Cyborg Superman comic...

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Why not just make an ongoing comic book that covers the whole of a comic book universe and every month focus on a different villain.

Just because it's told from their angle doesn't mean they have to win.

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The Superior Foes of Spider-Man!! That looks great! Even the previous issue of Hawkeye was focused on the villain. It all depends on how it's done.

I think a Joker mini-series would be good. There have been many novels that focus heavily on the villain; "Soon I Will be Invincible" or "Silence of the Lambs". You don't need to have Joker going on a killing spree, but a series that delves into that mind of his... now THAT would be awesome.

#12 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6836 posts) - - Show Bio

I like how you said stories nowadays are almost like an Oceans 11 script. You couldn't be anymore right about that G-Man. Stories in comics are far more sophisticated and detail bound than they once were, and for good reason! Simplicity isn't something that we as comic fans want in our stories, especially when we are paying what we do for them. But yeah I agree with you, villains are a bit too singularly dimensional to be in ongoings, with the obvious exception you mentioned, Deathstroke. Some other exceptions could also be present too of course.

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If Bane got an ongoing series that would be sweet! I would totally read it. Or lobo that would be awesome. But it seems every character that used to be a villain gets turned into a hero example Venom, Deadpool, and like you said Supeior Spider-Man. I guess it just sells.

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Even though some of the characters skirted "Anti-Hero" territory, Gail Simone's Secret Six is a great example of how to do an ongoing villain team book. I highly recommend it. There is also Bomb Queen, but that one is definitely Mature rated and a bit over the top in terms of shock value and less in story (IMO).

As for Superior Spider-Man, as of last issue (how to put this without spoilers), I'm seeing that less as a villain book and more of a book where the character is/has done battle with the "darker" (or in this case lighter) parts of himself. The same way we all struggle with those impulses and ideas that cloud our thinking. Its hard to think of Spidey as a hero or a villain right now. Just someone who is dealing with gray matters (pun!)'

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Is anyone else having trouble with the link?

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@fenderxx said:

!!! My Question !!! Thanks for Answering Gman lol and you can totally say Fender , but im starting to like the Fenderxxxxx.

That's pretty cool, dude!

Yeah, I think a mini series would be the best thing to do.

Maybe you could have a comic, say Batman, where he he's trapped by Joker and has to fight his way out, but have a mini series going on at the same time showing how Joker set everything up. I think that would be pretty cool.

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If You want a Villian to hold his own series you have to have Top Heroes guest starring in at least the first 4 issues.

#19 Posted by greenlucario (255 posts) - - Show Bio

Carnage and Carnage USA got it right. I'd read a Carnage series by Wells and Crain. But most villains that would work in a series are almost anti-heroes and not villains.

@g_man Dr. Doom, great idea for a series.

#20 Posted by Mezmero (970 posts) - - Show Bio

I must admit I really like villains. Without great villains to bring chaos and conflict to our favorite heroes they couldn't stay interesting and diverse. Mark Waid's current Daredevil run owes a lot of it's awesomeness to the excellent choices of villains to pit against Matt Murdock. Mashing up villains into a super group like in Masters Of Evil or Acts of Vengeance also make for a great premise for the big team books.

I've enjoyed stuff like Dark Reign, Flashpoint tie-ins, and Superior Spider-Man which focus on making villains into sort of heroes. It's not out of the realm of possibility to make good stories for bad guys as long as you use the right ones for the right reasons. I also like the series that delve deeper into the minds of some of these characters like The Killing Joke and Bullseye's Greatest Hits. I may not approve of characters doing evil but I support a villain that tries to shake up the system. Deathstroke is a book I really want to check out at some point so it's a shame that they've ended it. Thanks for the video.

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Love all the comments. There are indeed villains that could carry a mini-series. BUT, what about an ongoing? Could they do that and not become an anti-hero? (ugh)

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I really want to see a Court story it would be awesome.

#23 Posted by VexChaneu (5 posts) - - Show Bio

This discussion also reminds of Kravin's Last Hunt it was kind of a story told from the villans point of view

#24 Posted by Drummer007 (113 posts) - - Show Bio

I think an X-Men villain book could carry an ongoing book. Or if you followed the villains in Arkham Asylum or the Negative Zone you could show villains trying to escape. Maybe a team of villains would work. When one gets captured by a hero show the other trying to break them free. The problem is your always going to be expecting a hero to show up to stop them and you would expect the hero to win. I don't think the comic book industry wants people pulling for the bad guys. Only if its a character that is on the fence about being good or bad could it work. Catwomen comes to mind and she has her own title.

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I definitely would like to see more villain comic books. Villains are a very important part of a story, in my opinion.They are what makes them interesting, since the hero is placed on the edge to fight the obstacles these villains bring. I liked Deathstroke at the start, and the last four-five issues, so it's a shame it got cancelled. Suicide Squad has been solid so far, so I'll definitely keep on reading it.

Perhaps some villain mini-series would suffice and work for this.

EDIT: Oh, and definitely, I believe there are villains that could have an ongoing series and NOT be anti-heroes. Anti-heroes are really cool characters, but only if they're contained to that, not transforming from hero to anti-hero or villain to anti-hero.

I'd like to see an ongoing series about someone like Magneto or Darkseid.

#26 Edited by VexChaneu (5 posts) - - Show Bio

I honestly think you could make an ongoing with any villain. I think it would have to have a very psychological story, villains are often ether out for vengeance, greed or they are for a lack of a better word crazy. Vengence is good for a short time but if they continue to fail at getting it it can get stretched to thin so not really good for an ongoing and greed is boring so your left with crazy.

Crazy can be done really well think norman bates from psycho, half way through the film he kills off the main character and suddenly the only character your left to identify with is him. You start to feel sorry for him even despite the fact that he is a killer, with this you could go really dark or really sad if he continues to get away with the murders the excitement comes in each time you think he's going to get caught or sad with perhaps the sudden realization as to what he's done and yet an unwillingness to pay for his crimes.

In terms of comic I think maybe Loki would be a good choice but I am unsure of his history he's kind of a tragic villain it seems so I think you can kind of relate to him on some level also he's a "god" so any villainy he does can be chalked up to blind arrogance he also holds vengeance and greed so he's got a lot going for him as a villain.

In the end I think it would come down to how open minded the reader is and how long can you stand to wear the mask of villainy in your imagination.

(sorry if this sounds a little all over the place)

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I think a "Villian" like Cardiac would be very cool, I agree, you dont want to do a killer like joker, as it maybe to dark ... but Cardiac, I could see an ongoing series, how he struggles with breaking the law and fighting heros in the face of trying to do whats right.

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I haven't been able to get the link to work all day. But I think they can do a villain solo story. I mean look at Deathnote, it's a great political commentary on capita punishment while at the same time Light is doing what other heroes don't, kill the bad guys.

#29 Posted by gumflabica (2667 posts) - - Show Bio

Deathstroke would be a great one. Bane has potential. Bullseye also seems fun, but a little on the random killing side. Lady Deathstrike could have some interesting parts to it.

#30 Posted by MissJ (466 posts) - - Show Bio

Speaking of Dr. Doom, I'm still holding out hope that Marvel revives Super-Villain Team-Up.

#31 Posted by StrangeMan (411 posts) - - Show Bio

Many "villains" that have held ongoing series were portrayed more as anti-heroes than villains really, Suicide Squad, Secret Six, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, all were more on the anti-hero and the moral ambiguity side of things, and honestly, on the long rong, I can't think that any villain could hold an ongoing without eventually becoming more of an anti-hero than a villain, and with good reason, as you said, a reader has to empathize with its main character and feel for him/her, maybe not relate to them but empathy has to be present, and it's hard to do that with a villain without making them an anti-hero or, hell, even somewhat of a hero for that particular story, being that the villains pass from being the antagonist to the protagonist, and even though antagonist and villain doesn't mean the same thing (just as protagonist doesn't necessarily mean hero), it sure is easy to mess up the roles along the way.

What I'd like to see is a writer realizing this and trying to work around it, a thing that it has to have is a very empathetic villain, someone who is definetly a bad person, but who we can understand why he does such terrible thing, and honestly, I don't think it would be that hard, it just seems that way being that no one has really done it. Villains that would be perfect for this would be almost any of Batman's Rogue Gallery, they are all mentally conflicted characters who we can feel sorry for, hell, isn't that one of the main reasons why it's such a unique rogue of villains in the first place?, maybe just one villain couldn't hold the book, but I'm almost certain that an Arkham book could do pretty well (there have been mini-series in the past), maybe with Jeremiah Arkham as the protagonist, seeing him slowly become just as insane as the inmates of his asylum.

#32 Posted by Cakeman3000 (50 posts) - - Show Bio

When do super-villains like the Joker eat dinner. In all of the stories that are day and night fighting the villain, when does the villain eat? It's a serious concern.

#33 Posted by Imaginathor (11 posts) - - Show Bio

I would love to read a joker and scarecrow story that will make my dream com to true