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If you are looking at the pictures and ask what with the other ash or who is the other guy well that is one of the reasons I am doing this blog.The other reason I am doing this blog for whenever is that I am annoyed weak comparisons that have no idea what they are doing. I want to find the good and the bad so if series can be made with both of them. I want to figure out what it needs to be done. This is not a one up the other but to figure out what would be best for progress the franchise and would be betterment for both of both of them.

Ash Ketchum

Allot of people bash on this character and poor writing does not help since they feel the character does not learn and he is a total idiot. He is more sensible character. Yes he is stupid but he does learn and he pays for his mistakes. It was until later on of the series.

It seems somewhere they lost what made special both the writers. This happens after long period of time, but it loses big point when a big moment on the character happens and is forgotten and they do not give an excuse for it. Many have stated that he overstayed his welcome. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and that is the reason you get a newbie. Many applaud the miniseries since it open the knowledge of the other characters. I think something to keep in mind is that a character cannot be the underdog forever if a long series is to be made believable. That character should go under the mistaken underdog. That mean newbie antagonists constantly underestimate him.

Many people whine that his Pokémon don’t evolve. The reason is that many of his Pokémon do not want to evolve and the series does not always have to follow game mechanics. I will talk about game mechanics later but I will explain why his Pokémon refuse to evolve. They have their reasons. Some of them have been abandoned. Others feel that evolving in order to become stronger feels shallow and disrespect of what they are now.


Where bad writing makes Ash an idiot, it makes Red into a bad ass. Red is a great trainer but he is little bit of a Mary Sue. He has a few weak stories as well including pokemon tournament. I must be only one who will ever say it. It was weak! I know they were rush for time but they establish pallet trainers always win. This takes away of it being a small town and making it secluded place where champions were raised. I prefer small town idea it make the other cities have a chance for when the tournament is made. It also belittles Red’s skill. This is what Pokémon adventures people gloat about him being champion but it was big fish in a small pond. Red is an intelligent fighter and the most competent trainer since he was the one the appeared Super Smash Bros. I would depict him like Leonardo from Teenage mutant ninja turtles.

I fear anyone decides to do something different the fans would whine and this may be the reason he will not have an animated series. It is probably due to fans whining when there is a single flaw in him. Just look at what happen with Velma and Optimus Prime. Yes, I blame the fan base as for one of the reasons he is not having an animated series or any continuation. You so called admiration is to claim ff having a perfect character with no flaws. I hate that kind of thinking since you can’t take any criticism or question the greatness. You make your character shallow and not worth others attention. Here something to ask; how about Red wears a new outfit?


Pointing at more similar

When hearing the word counterpart putting character to fit alternate universe motif. Now looking at the animated series there was character I feel is more like Red, Richie. Richie is considered a Pallet Swap but he is smart and was able to deduct the method of how crime scene worked. Looking at the other episode it is possibility. Richie maybe insecure at times but still more similar to Red in character.

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they were both based on game Red but turned out completelly different. I still have a special affection for Ash, since Im much more into the anime than into the manga (much more) but Red is a certified bad ass. Hopefully (nut probably not), someday the anime will move forward, or something will happen to turn Ash more into Red as he grows up (but not much more, that would hurt Ash's character)

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@Jorgevy: Ash has shown growth in the Sinnoh League too bad it seem to be deus ex mechina or the new word I just found out on tv tropes diabolus ex machina. We saw from adult trainers especially from the Elite Four of how would he possibly be. He would be more laid back but physically stronger in my opinion he also would makes greater techniques such as his counter shield.

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Pokemon Adventures :)

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I pretty much stopped watching the anime when I started reading the manga because I felt that I had outgrown the anime and the manga was more my speed. Even with Ash having the benefit of nostalgia I liked Red more than him almost instantly, if they ever did a slightly more mature anime starring Red I'd probably give it a look no matter how old I would be when it happenes. But I doubt they'll ever make a series not starring a decreasingly intelligent Ash because he's easily marketable to their target audience

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@Hazlenaut: I must admit I haven't watched the Sinnoh league yet, there's just too many eps to catch up on from where I left, but from what I've heard Ash has actually aged atleast one year since the start of the series, I think he is aging but just really slowly, which I dont really get what's the point (for the creators)

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@Jorgevy: I don’t blame you lost of a catchy theme, the constant errors on the dub, are a few reasons to lost interest. I think they are taking the Marvel method which I will applaud them if they did. I can’t wait for how they are going to make a retcon excuse.

@BlackArmor: You may stop when you felt you are more mature but I see flaws in both. Yes Red is awesome but mature, no. Can just say you wanted more results. There several failures in the Pokemon Adventures one of them is make others weak for Red to be awesome. Ash is stupid but other characters shine because of that. That is why he is marketable but he grows, develops and finds alternatives.

Your speed is that you want greatness right away. I am guessing you were impatient or your patience dried out which is understandable. That is the problems with both of them have the pace in their stories. Ash’s was too dang slow and Red’s was too fast.