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What is more important to you?  To me, art is more important!  I want great art, I don't care how great the story is if the art sucks I don't want it.  I would say Art 80%/ story 20
%.  Now don't misunderstand me either I want a great story too but not a the sacrifice of the artwork!  If I want to read a bestselling novel, I would ( I read around 24 novels a year).  I buy comics for the artwork but I am curious what/how other fans fell on this.  That is why I am not that impressed when they get big name authors to write the story especially if that means they are going to cut corners on the art, something I think Marvel has been doing lately because the big name artist haven't been drawing for them as much!

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Both. If a comic has bad art, I think it can take away from the story, and no matter how pretty your pictures are, they can't save a crappy story.

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I get distracted by uglyness and in turn, can't focus on the Words 
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hmm, well I love the Lucifer series and although I love the art a lot, I still read the issues where the art sucks cause the story is awesome :D

and Sandman, the art is terrible but I love the series!!

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The Art... there is some artwork done in comics that is so hideous it will distract me from actually reading the captions sometimes...
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Usually the story is far more important to me, though I find anything "illustrated" by Greg Land completely unreadable.

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Definately story!!!!