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Tell me what you guys think:

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Haven't watched it yet. BTW, read a blurb in this week's Entertainment Weekly about Vertigo showing up in a couple of weeks. Oh wait . . . are you thinking COUNT Vertigo? Wrong! Vertigo is a drug making the rounds that Oliver's kid sister "Speedy" gets tangled up with. Gee, another episode of Arrow taking down some regular ol' thugs. *yawn!*

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Good episode, finally we got to see Ollie not so in the game because he was still mentally out of it after getting his ass kicked by the other archer. Once again Thea acts like a b*tch to someone.

I don't feel sorry at all for Firefly.

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I don't feel sorry for him either, but why do these shows always seem to kill off the villains? (Some superhero movies do that too!)