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Do you think the cw series "arrow" is part of christopher nolans batman universe ? They certainly have the same style. Do you guys think its possible ?

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lol. No.

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@TheCannon: Why Not ? Watching the show, It doesnt seem that far off

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No, I don't think so. Although I know what you mean, it has that same dark vibe to it.

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I actually think that Arrow could be WB's attempt to start a shared universe.....they've already mentioned Central City and Bludhaven and now they have the Huntress showing up and an episode or two back Dinah mention Stagg Industries

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I hope not. I really hope not.

Nolan alone should have control over his universe, and Arrow is hard for me to watch since the guy who plays Ollie can't act. And Batman should be the only hero in he Nolanverse.

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I think the Arrow-verse can be part of whatever you'd like it to be. If you do interpret it to be part of the Nolan-verse, it doesn't matter a whole lot, since you're not going to see any cross-over.

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I don't think it IS, but I think it could be.

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@OutlawRenegade: The show is surprisingly pretty good though

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It isn't but could be. The reason we know that it isn't is because there was no mention of the Batman or the events that took place in Gotham. Like the City being taken hostage or the Jokers reign of terror. No way things like that happen like that and there is no mention of it nationwide. If it was a shared universe, once Arrow was spotted we'd here a newscast on the show saying something like ''Looks like Gotham isn't the only city with a guardian angel" or something close. A crossover is something I may write into a fan fic though. lol