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I Love Arrow! I like Huntress in it as well as Death-stroke. Cant wait to see who else will join this season. Maybe there is a JLA "get together" in Arrow as well.

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ah the ignorance.......

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If arrow will go anything like justice league does queen will ask to join the justice league and the jl will be like, meh, no.

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@Obtrusive said:

If arrow will go anything like justice league does queen will ask to join the justice league and the jl will be like, meh, no.

They'll tell him what you tell a one night stand. "Why don't you give us your number and we'll call you sometime." But they won't call him.

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I'd rather they not do anything Justice Leaguey on Arrow, which is going for more of a Nolan-verse take on superheroics. It would be interesting if they eventually successfully launch the WW series and do crossovers where they both reflect on being trained into merciless killers on an island.

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I dunno... the show's ok. I was really excited for it, but it disappointed me. My biggest problem is that Green Arrow's too much like Batman. Besides that, nothing has really made me go "wow!" Episode 5 with Deathstroke was the only episode that I really enjoyed. The flashbacks are usually always cool though.

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@BlackReaper: Its true, it makes me sad that the justice league is a group of snobs. Green arrow worked in the justice league unlimited cartoon.

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It is good.

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@theTimeStreamer said:

ah the ignorance.......


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Is it just me or is it that all DC on-screen appearances always get downplayed on?

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Arrow to me is a great show.

It does fall into the Smallville part of the world as it is a modern DCU story.

We wont see the Justice League or IMHO any major DCU character. But we may see more very cool modern takes of characters like Deadshot, Deathstroke and Huntress.

Think of it like this if you have problems with this series. If you knew a year or so ago that there was going to be a live action series with those characters in them how pumped would you be?

The answer... OFF THE CHARTS!

Is this a perfect show? NO. Is it a lot of fun? YES

Long live Arrow!

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arrow is one of the good shows on tv right now the other is supernatural.

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It is spectacular by CW Standards, by actual Standards its still pretty good. Far from perfect but I like it and they're keeping Captain Jack Harkness working.

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Arrow has only got better and better with each new episode (aside from what they did to Deadshot... -__-). Would I like to see the JL pop up eventually, sure, but I doubt we'll see anything like that in the near future. I'm more curious in how they will do the Wonder Woman TV show and if they will have it tied into the same universe as Arrow. We've already had a few references to Coast City and Bludhaven, so the idea of having other superheroes running around I feel is more possible than I think people admit.