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Posted by Jack Donaghy (1304 posts) 1 year, 11 months ago

Poll: Are you a Batman hater? (114 votes)

Yes I hate him 9%
No I'm a Batman fan 65%
I'm indifferent towards him 26%

I remember in a thread in the Batman section someone mentioned that there seem to be more Batman haters than fanboys on this site lately. I've noticed this too he seems to be currently the most hated character here on CV/ Most people use the lame excuse of not liking him because of some of his annoying fans (who admittedly annoy me sometimes too) but that reason isn't valid imo. Think of it like this if your current favorite character had his fans would you turn on him too.

So lets get to the bottom of this, does this place have more Batman fans or haters?

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@sideburnguru: Why do I have a feeling I'm going to be flamed for bringing up Batman and Robin XD

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I feel the same about Batman as I do about Wolverine. I love him in a group dynamic, but his solo stories bore me comatose.

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I didn't vote, because Batman is a great character with probably the best supporting cast and lore in superheroes, but theres too much Batman everywhere. Besides the obvious Bat-barrage in the media, he has more series than any other character.

I like to point to Injustice for this, as this "love-letter" game features probably 40% Batman stuff. Seriously, the only GL stage is Ferris Aircrafts? (off topic, but just too much Bats)

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@dernman said:

@jack_donaghy said:

@dernman said:

there seem to be more Batman haters than fanboys

That's something a fanboy would say because people are tired of the them.

People don't hate Batman. People hate fanboy's rhetoric.

People might wish there wasn't so many Batman related books but that has nothing to do with whether or not they like him. You can still love him but think he has too many books out there.

No that's not it people are always complaining about him looking too strong but rarely do about other characters who are also made to look strong. I'm sure he doesn't have any more PIS feats than other characters (like Captain America or any high end peak human) but people complain about his PIS moments the most, and don't even get me started on the stupid name BatGod. Dr. Doom wins a lot and when he doesn't it turns out to be a Doombot no one calls him DoomGod though. Even if they don't hate him I get the feeling a lot of people don't give him the pass they give other characters.

HA! wow I'm not even gonna touch this. smh

Really? So pointing out that people complain more about Batman's PIS moments than other heroes is funny? A bit delusional are we? SMDH. Oooh I used internet slang, I'm sooo kewl!

HA! But I guess I shouldn't have expected any different considering your posts and what they say about you.

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I love the character (overall), it's the fanboys I hate.

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No, but I want to kill the stupid fans that say he could beat Superman & Thor on a random encounter.

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Hate Batman...Is that even possible.

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I am a huge Batman fan...