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They are relatively reliable, it generally depends on what sort of information you are looking for, and the depth of context you are also searching for.

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@SC: Agreed!

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They're good for general information, not for details.

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They are good as a secondary information source, for brushing up on various characters, when it's been a while since you've read any comics with appearances of those characters.

As a primary information source, it's good for a general outline. As long as you keep in mind that they might have errors, or just plain lack information.

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The comic vine wikis are

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At times they are, but they often mess up with details.

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For general info? Definitely. But the deeper you go the more discrepancies you find.

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I find anime wikis to be very helpful when I need a quick bit of info on a character I don't know.

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Some of them like to make shit up though, like marveldatabase

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The Comic Vine wiki is due to its high moderation. I don't know how well moderated others are though.