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I've been thinking about this a lot... Ever since Marvel's genius 4-year plan and WB's new take on the Dark Knight, it seems that the audience and Hollywood have practically bowed down to superheroes - it definetly went in full effect in 2012... Are superheroes really taking over? The Avengers was the real turning point and now everyone wants to follow on, basically meaning REBOOT REBOOT REBOOT for God knows how long, meaning that I'll be broke very soon. The reason I'm bringing this up is because I was just watching the trailer for Pacific Rim and realised how much I didn't care - it was definetly a bad sign on my part. I used to look forward to films like this but now I don't give two craps. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Ever since I started with comics all I've been watching is superhero films. It sounds very bad I know but most of my life is about superheroes and I'm not that interested in other movies. Iron Man 3 is fifth on the box office list and Avengers third. It's scary to think what place Avengers 2 will be on and so on. So, yeah, people say comic books are for kids but the films are very popular. Of the top ten, four of the films are former or current comic book stories.


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Bah! There's always more than Marvel and DC.

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Its an issue of a saturated market and lack of quality control. There is just too much to choose from and and not all studios are willing to put quality first in their movies. That is why I tend to be weary whenever people talk about heroes who need a movie because part of me can't help but wonder if its necessary or a good idea. Besides, movies aren't just for comic book fans, to the mainstream public, superhero movies are a fad and nothing will kill that fad quicker than too many movies about characters they feel are B-list. That is the problem with fads, they are popular for a few years then someone puts out a really bad movie that wakes people up from their trance with the genre. A few years pass by and people forget about that bad movie and someone comes along with another movie that promises to be different. The fad once again ensues.

Hopefully, Marvel and DC aren't relying on the films to keep the comic industry alive because that would bite them in the you know where later on....

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Judge Dredd comics need a reboot imo, his suit is to classic looking and needs to look more like the movie

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Not really, I'm still enjoying the constant roll-out of superhero movies. The advantage that superheroes have is that they're a multigenre concept. Meaning we can have sci-fi like Iron Man, fantasy like Thor, horror like Ghost Rider, and a period piece/war like Cap. Because of it's mix of genres, it's gone a longer lifespan than most other movie subgenres.

That being said...eventually audience fatigue will settle in.

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@decoy_elite said:

Bah! There's always more than Marvel and DC.

This isn't true. Marvel has maybe a leg up on films, but they are either pretty even or DC leads in most other areas, if just media in general is what you are talking about.

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People have liked stories about heroes and superpowers since cavemen wrote on walls. The concept isn't going away, but it may not be framed in the traditional superhero context much longer. You're already starting to see the stereotypes for superheroes changing.

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I'm really hoping for a string of bad ones in the near future, so the obsession will finally go away and comic book characters will return to being the works of comic book writers and comic book artists.

You're drunk, Hollywood. Go home.

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I really like the way things are. I hope superhero movies don't become the ONLY movies because it would kill the fun, but I like how it's being handled as of now. We have 5 superhero movies for 2013 right? That's perfect for me.

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I think it's just that they have finally gotten the special effects capability for a lot of heroes to make them look good. A lot of older super-hero film and tv (Hulk for example) was pretty bad just because they couldn't make it work. Even the old Christopher Reeves Superman films aren't good because of Superman, but are because of their story (at least the first was). Batman is the only one who was able to do it without the current special effects, because he never had powers. So now because Hollywood CAN, Hollywood DOES. They just need to be careful because eventually they will oversaturate the mainstream market.

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As some have said, I'm worried that the companies are going to rely on them to heavily and I for one really dislike changes to the comics that come from the films, admittedly some can be worth while but change for changes sake is not on.

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As some have said, I'm worried that the companies are going to rely on them to heavily and I for one really dislike changes to the comics that come from the films, admittedly some can be worth while but change for changes sake is not on.

I agree with this. I like the fact that Superhero movies are getting more attention, but this could have a negative effect on the comic books themselves if they're not too careful with the material. We are already seeing too many changes in the comics because of the movies and some changes were good while other changes were bad.

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We, the fans, aren't becoming too reliant on superhero movies. The comic publishers might be, though, as they seem to continually alter their characters and universes to more closely resemble the movies. When the movie era eventually ends (and it will - all good things come to an end) then we'll see what the Big Two do to reward their true long-term, die-hard comic book fans.

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Hollywood been pushing some terrible movies so why not borrow from the comics.