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These titles

All New X-Men

Uncanny X Men


have been in my pull list a while, but I'm still catching up on a lot of things and haven't read them yet. I need to cut back on my spending, plus I'm adding a few things to the list, so, my question is, are any of those three worth keeping on there? How important are they?


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All New X-men's really good. I would definitely advise you start reading it. I didn't like Uncanny so much. Dropped it almost immediately. Never got into Avengers.

Uncanny X-men didn't seem very necessary to me. Scott's team spends a lot of time in All New anyway.

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I don't read Avengers either and I plan on dropping Uncanny soon. Loving All New X-Men though.

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There are better titles out there.

All New and Uncanny are supposedly important flagships and follow similar plot points, but nothing much has happened in over twenty issues.

I'm not sure on the new Avengers titles but I wasn't a massive fan from what I read. Seemed really decompressed too.

Considering the $4 on each of these books, they really should have more to them!

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All-New X-Men is fantastic. Uncanny is good writing but not so good art. Avengers just feels messy and I can never keep up with the story.

Don't drop All-New X-Men.

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Avengers is awesome!

I don't give a sh%t about any of the X Men besides Wolverine so I can't testify on the quality of All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men.

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I would keep all three, honestly but I do agree with the earlier post about how many stories have blended into both All New and Uncanny books, making the reader feel they are essentially reading the same book.

If you want to get rid of one, I would pick Uncanny X-Men as the one to cut.