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I learned about a book today titled 'Science of Superheroes'. Read it, and didn't like it very much. The authors really go out of their way to say 'Superheroes are dumb'. 

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There's the Physics of Superheroes, a Mythbusters episode about Batman's tech, the Philosophy of Batman, the Science of Supervillains, and I'm sure a bunch of others.

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I seen a special on Discovery channel once about how they sorta kinda have ways to make certain superpowers real. Like Cyclops optic blasts, Spider-Man's webs and so on and so forth.

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Theres a book called The Science of Superheroes theres a couple volumes i think

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I once saw a show debunking the lightsaber, firefights in space and the force. There are skeptics everywhere, true believers.

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For anyone interested, there is a free course on Coursera that will cover the science of superheroes (among other things) as well as give you an opportunity to design and justify your own superhero. The course is free, 10 weeks long and begins in January 2013. If you have the interest and the time (6-9 hours per week), you should give it a shot.


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The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios

The Science of the X-Men by Link Yaco and Karen Haber

The first one is mouch more technical than the second.