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Now that the teaser is out, and we know that "Age of Ultron" is coming, it had me wondering. We've been teased about the return of Ultron for over 2 years now. With the whole Marvel Now thing going on, and writers switching their flagship books I was scared that the Ultron story wasn't going to happen. I also kept thinking it was going to be called the Ultron War for some reason. Today, after seeing the kick ass teaser I noticed it's called "Age of Ultron". It got my mind racing. I'm wondering if the story is going to something along the lines of Age of Apocalypse. A "What If", story about what might have happened if Ultron had won one of his battles against the Avengers and how it would have effected the rest of the Marvel U. Like AOA was. I kind of hope that it is. AOA was great, and I don't see why it couldn't work Ultron as the protaganist too. That being said. I wondered who win in a battle between Ultron and Apocalypse. I think most people would say Ultron, but I also don't think Apocalypse isn't always written correctly. From my years of reading, and what I know of Apocalypse, he is to me, the baddest mutant out there. On paper, no one should be able to beat heads up if he's at his fullest power. Also tho, I don't really know shit about Ultron. I'd like to get some feedback. The only rules are they are both in their prime, have never met, didn't have a plan. Earth is the prize. Who wins and why.