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I would like to see it come back to its own series and enjoy it . I have read the Vertigo House of Mystery and the DC Showcase the old one there awsome to read reprint series. There are some good titlles from the old stuff like:

The Man Who Hated Good Luck

The House OF NO Return

The Court of the Creatures

The Widows Walk

The Gift OF DOOM [Like the Hope Dimond Curse]

Last Meal

Sour Note

I could go on but I will leave at that. I will be excited if they bring the series back.

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@Gordon Kelly: I liked that stuff too but I also think they were of their time and people just aren't that interested now when they don't have the draw of big name characters. I was pleased to see the return of more unusal titles like Unknown Soldier and War that Time Forgot but to be honest they haven't been that good.

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@RedRyan: You where right all along. One of my friends in college told me that GI Combat series was going to be canceled before the Christmas Holidays. Hunted Tank was a good series to read and Unknown Soldier was also going to end too. DC has canceled a lot of good stuff due to poor readers and sales like Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Voodoo, JLI, etc.

In years to come they might bring back the series and start over again.

The Good News is that Animal Man and Swamp Thing series fighting off the ROT WAR is doing well. Batman series Death In a Family crossover, Superman crossover and Justice League series is doing good and not canceled.

Phatom Stranger is a good book to read.

I wonder if Booster Gold will be seen again? I have not seen him since JLI Annual.

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I won't really miss G I Combat but I heard that Frankenstein is being cancelled which is one of the best things DC are doing. If you haven't already you should check out I Vampire it has been consistly great with amazing art. I wouldn't worry too much about Booster, it looks from the JLI annual like he'll play a big part in the Trinity War event.

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Thank you for the update about Booster Gold going to be in the Trinity War Event series. I will look foward reading the series. GI Combat is over it was a good series with the Hunted Tank and Unknown Solider. I also found out that Constantine is going to have his series and also a new series called JLA. There to much going on Justice League titles to read. I was glad to see the House of Mystery and House of Secrets in the Justice League Dark series.

I have read some of the I Vampire comics. He was in the Justice League Dark. He was part of the JLD team and left team and also came back to help the team.

Since its the Christmas Holidays. I have been reading some of DC Holidays Specials back before the NEW 52 happened. There a good series to read around the Christmas Holidays.

Its was a shame thay canceled some of the good comics this year in 2012 and 2013.

You have a very Merry Christmas all the best in the New Year.