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Perhaps you played it once, or perhaps your a regular player. Or maybe you've seen it and would like to "give it a spin". I'm just curious about how many here are even aware of it....and to what degree.

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Nope, never heard of it, oh wait... no... that's a different one.

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No, but i used to play D&D.

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I use the FASERIP to create character sheets for my comicbook characters. I go on their forum too. It's a good way to keep track of my characters abilities and limitations.

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Maybe you could give a link? Sounds like I might be interested to try.


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use google or some such type in Marvel rpg...search...then click on the listing. Voila'

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Damn thats nothing like the rpgs here.

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Yeah it's better.

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While I haven't looked into the RPG's going on here, I'll assume that they are text based play-by-post RPG's.

MSH(FASERIP) is a set of written rules that allow two or more people can take part in live(originally) face-to-face table top narrated stories. Basically, a real time custom response story that your home-made character takes part in...or if allowed, a pre-existing personality within the Marvel Universe(EX: Spider-Man, Dr .Strange, ect..) that you play/control.

If your some-one that can follow a written(...say a novel) or verbally shared story, and picture people, events and places well within your head....it might be up your alley. Much more-so if you have friends that share your level of imagery hardy imagination. Given that it usually takes at least two to play. One to tell the story, and one to take part in it.
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Just realized your talking about marvel superheroes and yes I played a lot vic is correct classic marvel is the best place to go. But the "benchmarks" on classic marvel are wrong. Class 100=100tons not 1000.