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I don't know if it's just me but does anyone miss miss the beat em up games like Final Fight,Ninja Turtles arcade games,Fighting Force,and gosh all the other ones. It feels like it's like a lost art nowadays..I know some games are still around like Castle Crashers but I wish more of these type of games would get made nowadays. They felt like simple and enjoyable fun that you could have with friends

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I like Dynasty Warriors, but I find that beat-em-up can get kinda boring with friends. You need something with more of a challenge; like MUA or War of the Monsters.

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I have fond memories of them but can't say I miss them...

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I love the Naruto Ninja Storm series. Smash Bros is another great series. I have yet to play Capcom vs Marvel 3. Oh and me and my bro would dominate in Double Dragons. Oh and Battle Toads

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Perhaps miss was too strong of a word..I guess what I meant was everything seems to be a shooter or an RPG nowadays..I want to see more games like Gauntlet Legends or whatever

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nope. i have god hand on ps2. i am content.

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old i know. but its a classic

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cant wait for KI:3 or the new JJAS

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I heard you're going to have to buy the rest of the characters on KI though