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I'm honestly at the end of my rope with this guy. Spoilers below.

Instead of laying down a new, solid origin for Clark Kent, Kal-El, Superman, whatever the hell POV Morrison wants to write about, he has jumped around like a mad-man. And now he's going to be gone after #16? I honestly have no idea what the hell is going on. I mean, first Superman is an uber-cocky hero out to stop the corrupt, then we get into this Metallo/Brainiac storyline, and then we're ripped from that and there's this weird appearance of future Superman, then we go back to Brainiac, then we get a random other Earth-Superman story, then we kill off Clark Kent and turn him all emo for no apparent reason, and now we get Phantom Stranger and Krypto?

Why do we let this guy keep writing comics when he hasn't written anything good since All-Star Superman? Especially when that hardly made the world stand still. He's killed off the Kent's, whom we don't even get a flashback of, to focus on his Metropolis life, and then we don't even really get to see Clark develop much of a relationship with anyone besides Lucy Lane?

Issue #17 can't come soon enough, just to end the reign of Morrison's madness.

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@mpierce2690: I disagree with completely. I have enjoyed the new Action Comics very much and thinks that it is very good. It is definitely the best Superman title out there. I think that it is very interesting and still makes progress with the character. I am disappointing that Morrison is leaving but hope that the change is good and makes for some new interesting new story lines.