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I've been curious on this issue for a while now. Every so often a hero takes a beating, usually a pretty bad one. However when they come back, and finally have their rematch, they just knock out the being who nearly killed them as if they were a regular thug. Which I admire, to a degree as it shows the hero isn't ruled by feelings of vengenance, but sometimes I just want to see the hero give it right back. Just have them really lay into the villain who previously beat them near or possibly even to death. Are there any heroes that actualy do this? I mean without crossing the kill line and being anti heroes.

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when superboy prime is still a hero, he becomes so pissed with superboy (connor kent) that he beat him up so badly and ending up killing other members of teen titans.

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Daredevil beat up Bullseye pretty bad even went so far as o carve the symbol into his forehead.

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Joker didnt beat up batman just before this fight, but in hush, batman almost kills joker after he "killed" tommy elliot, a childhood firend of bruce

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@Lasiurus: nightwing beat joker to death because he joker killed tim drake

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Spider man and Morlun, spider man debated killing him at one point after Morlun kept attacking him over a few days.

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TOAA comes to mind.

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@dondave: When did Nightwing beat Joker to death? What issue?

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@PlasticBag: Jokers Last Laugh #6 it turns out it wasnt to death but within in an inch of death and batman had to resuscitate him so nightwing wouldnt have it on his conscience if joker died

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The OP kinda sounds like the only plot-line to every anime battle ever made!

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@dondave: Wow can you post some scans?

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@PlasticBag said:

@dondave: Wow can you post some scans?