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Two friends were arguing about who they thought should play Ant-Man in his movie coming out in a few years.

One person said Nathan Fillion (starred in Firefly and the movie adaptation Serenity, and Castle)

While the other said Zachary Levi (played Chuck Bartowski in the show Chuck). Which of these two actors do you think would be the better choice? And if you think someone else would be a better choice you can add that in too.One person said Nathan Fillion (starred in Firefly and the movie adaptation Serenity, and Castle)

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Nathan Fillion needs to be Hal Jordan in the GL reboot. Screw Ant-Man.

So...uh....Zachary Levi.

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I think Hank Pym should appear in the Avengers and/or a tie-in movie.

... but I also think that an Ant-Man movie would be an incredibly boring movie.

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Yeah, Ant-Man should be introduced in an Avengers movie, and played by neither of those actors.

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I'm loving it. So stoked that we get to see Ant-Man on the big screen. See DC? This is how you do it...

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@BiteMe-Fanboy: would either of the two actors mentioned be a good fit?

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Nathan Fillion already turned down the role I think

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Zachary Levi is playing Fandral, and Nathan Fillion basically turned it down by pretty much saying he's not "famous enough" for the Avengers. So I'd say neither, although I'd like Fillion for the role. I still hope for Patrick Wilson, Aaron Eckhart, or Simon Baker. I'm super excited for this movie, Wright is the perfect director for it.

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Nathan Fillion. He can play both Green Lantern and Ant-Man, nothing is stopping him to.

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let it be the chuck guy , hate him , the show , and ant-man . it makes perfect sense

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They should introduce him in the Avengers sequel. A solo film wouldn't work. Instead of that they should make the Cage movie I'm waiting for so long.

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I already said it before. Unless it's Irredeemable Ant-Man. the movie about Ant-Man movie would be boring.

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none of both

but I want a hank pym ant-man movie maybe fillion

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Nathan Fillion would be awful as Hank Pym, Hal Jordan, or Nathan Drake. Adrien Brody should play Ant-Man. Zachary Levi is going to be Fandral but I think he'd make a decent Hank Pym.

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