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In Animal Man #14 Animal Man along with Black Orchid, Constantine, Beast Boy, and Steel take on the forces of the one and only Rob Liefeld! To be clear they fight the Rot infected corpses of Hawk, Dove, Grifter and Deathstroke. Add Hawkman who appeared in issue 13 and you have all the characters that Rob Liefeld worked on since the New 52 launch.

Pretty hilarious if you ask me.

I seriously wonder how long ago this was planned? Liefeld's break from DC and the ensuing fallout including the little "war" between Liefeld and Jeff Lemire's buddy Scott Snyder only happened a couple of months ago. It seems like they have these issues planned out pretty far in advance so I imagine Lemire was PROBABLY writing this issue in the midst of all that controversy. Then again it could have had nothing to do with Liefelds break with DC and couldve just been a funny reference he decided to throw in months ago

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