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I am what you'd call a "lifer" in comics or "old," either fair terms. I had once heard someone refer to the themselves as a "lifer" in regard to comics as someone who has read comics since they were young, maybe fell off reading and/or collecting for a time, came back in to the comic book fold but all the while has always maintained an interest in all things comics. Certainly an apt description for me. So now I find myself diving even deeper into the pool with Comic Vine and trying to utilize the site to it's fullest. Hence my first blog post hoping that leads to reviews, comments and more comic book fan connections. It started with sending in suggestions to "The Best Stuff In Comics This Week" and hearing G-Man use some of mine and avidly listening to the podcasts weekly. So thanks to Comic Vine for giving me an outlet to connect and participate in my love for comics. As a "lifer" I am excited about continuing my pursuit of a medium that grabbed me as a kid with Spider-Man, Daredevil, Batman and Supes and the hope that I can pass my passion and wonder of comics on to my own kids and live the same excitement of my favorite heroes through their eyes.

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Good to have you.

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Welcome, welcome.