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So, i'm thinking that the Vine is a bit dead at the moment.

What do you guys think?

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It's 7 in the morning where I'm at.

Of course the site is dead right now.

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It's been dead for a week or so I think

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Its hardly surprising given the time of year.

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a bit

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@MysteriousUsername: @The_jackolantern: @guttridgeb: @andrewtheking: Besides Christmas. I mean, in general ::)

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Things always seem to quieten down in the holiday season, people have different things to do. Other than that haven't really been able to tell

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Its because of Christmas and New Years. Everyone is with their families, friends, etc. You know, their lives.

And if you're asking why I am on Comic Vine right now; the answer is I don't have one lol.

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Yep, but it'll pick up.

It always does.

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It doesn't seem dead to me,suppose it depends on which forums you frequent.