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i read Action Comics, American Vampire, Animal Man, Avengers, Avenging Spiderman, Batman, Daredevil, Fantastic Four/FF, Flash, Guarding the Globe, Green Lantern, Indestructible Hulk, Invincible, JL/JLA/JLD, Luther Strode, New Avengers, Scarlet Spider, Smallville, Superior Spiderman, Superman, All ongoing Ultimate books, Wonder Woman, and Young Avengers.I trade-wait on Saga and Manhattan Projects. I was too stubborn to try FF during Hickmans run so im trying to make sure im reading quality but im guilty of loving characters like Superman. Any recomendations?

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I see you like to stick mostly to Marvel/DC so i'd pick up Aquaman (new 52) as well, it's a solid read =)

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@Aiden Cross said:

I see you like to stick mostly to Marvel/DC so i'd pick up Aquaman (new 52) as well, it's a solid read =)

If you're already reading Justice League it'll tie in nicely atm too; Throne of Atlantis is looking really promising. Along those same lines, H'el on Earth has been great, so maybe add Superboy and Supergirl into that too.

For Marvel, both Punisher limited's have been great, as has the DD limited, and Thor:God of Thunder and Marvel NOW!'s Captain America.

For Indie titles, I'm enjoying Clone, Walking Dead, Great Pacific and Hellboy in Hell. Loving Hellboy the most out of those, but all are pretty solid.

Congratulations on steering clear of Iron Man ;)

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@Manbehindthewires: That's true, didn't even think of that. Good addition ^_^

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@TheDarkSalmon: Batwoman and Captain Marvel are good. Batwoman's particularly good, but the artist alternates arc by arc, so arcs 1 and 3 are the best so far, both by J.H. Williams, arc 4 starts with #18 with Trevor McCarthy drawing.

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i feel like all new xmen is leading to somewhere epic but im not sure on picking it up because it looks like uncanny will be its companion and x books are confusing as it is

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@TheDarkSalmon: Give it a try, it's been really good so far, and feels kinda rewarding to fans of X-men of old. It's been a pretty straightforward plot so far too, which for an X-men book...is pretty unique lol

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i think i wanna cut GL because im tired of their events. isnt there one after 3rd army?

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You're following a lot of the books on my pull-list. Branch out and read some Valiant titles. You won't be sorry. The stories are pretty self contained, and the writing is miles ahead of most of the stuff coming from the Big 2 publishers. Give them a shot (just 2-3 issues). You'll thank me later.

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i sampled valiant and liked harbinger but jumped off tho around ish 4. i see theyre having an event so i might try again. i used to be so set on following characters and im finding stories lacking in some areas. i have friends who read Hickmans FF run and truly felt it was great. is remender uncanny xforce THAT good? i dropped uncanny avengers already if thats an indicator if id like UXF

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Thor God of Thunder

maybe Superboy or Supergirl (He'L on Earth is awesome)

I see you read Smallville. Another good online release is Ame Comi girls, if you like anime, the art style is kinda similiar

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Thor and Aquaman.

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Never read Justice League comics. Are they any good?

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Go read Invincible, I know its not Marvel or DC but it is far more consistent with its quality than either of the big two's titles

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JLD is better than JL for me. ive always read DC/Image mostly so getting into Marvel universe is sorta overwhelming. ive kept up with spiderman but ive never really read an x book or avenger title. i dropped superboy/girl last issue i got tired of h'el. i liked that superboys new costume kinda roped his current powers like his old dcu powerset but from future solicits it doesnt seem to last.

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@ImmortalT1000: Yeah I quite like them, they're not a regular of mine, started picking them up at #12, but I find them a great way to check up on some of the characters I'm not following in the mains, such as Flash and Wonder Woman. Wasn't sure if I'd like them, but watching some of your favorites working together can be really interesting. Justice League #15 from December is a good place to start if you're interested, was a great issue :)

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@Manbehindthewires: Cool, next time i'm at the comic shop, I'll pick A Justice League comic up, which one would you recommend me to read first?

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  • Aquaman
  • Demon Knights
  • Bloodshot
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- XO Manowar
- Shadowman
- Hawkeye
- All Star Western

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@ImmortalT1000: Like I said, you can pick up #15 and be ready to go, maybe pick up Aquaman #15 to complement it, but you don't have to. Issue 13 and 14 are a nice little 2-issue story if you want to go a little deeper, otherwise maybe grab a trade of 1-12? I'd grab 15 for now though, it's easy enough to find and will keep you current :) lemme know what you think of it!

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Go back and read Hickman's run. I loved every bit of it, one of my favourite runs in a long time.