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On one hand you've got the DC multi-verse. Many different alternate universes - where there's a different version of EVERYTHING in the universe. On the other hand you've got all the different "dimensions" they've had throughout the years (5th dimension, the 4th world, where Darkseid draws his Omega powers from, the speed-force dimension, anti-matter, etc (though that last one might be one of the alternate universes..I'm not sure on that)) - and the characters often travel to or tap-into these realms.

How are these supposed to be conceptualized? How do YOU imagine they work? I asked my buddy's opinion, because he's a fan of a ton of various sci-fi things (and the theoretical science behind them), and he said that the alternate universes are next to each other (the "boundaries" of the universes next to each other), while the dimensions overlap (occupying the same space of the universe, we just can't access/perceive them normally).

I had previously envisioned the alt-universes the way he described the way dimensions work, but his way makes sense to me too. Though, in that scenario, I'd have to wonder what else occupies the 4th-world dimension of their dimension (in the universe), aside from Apokolips and New Genesis. The 4th world being a different "dimension" has troubled me though, given that they supposedly became gods b/c of the "God Wave" from the source (via the source wall), and yet heroes have at various points flown through space to stick baddies in the source-wall (which would make me assume it's on the same plane as us).

So......thoughts? lol. How do any of you look at these concepts? Feel free to use examples from places outside of DC, I just chose it because I've read enough of it to have all those examples.

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There is no scientific explanation for the dimensions in comics. Math has lots of dimensions but I am not sure if they correspond to reality and the dimensions in math are a bit different and have to do more with measurements. The dimensions in comics originate from the magical realms ideas in folklore.

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Alternate Universes (multiverse) are stringed together by time. Quantum realities that shift and turn depending on cause and effects that ripple through that time.

Dimensions, as you said, overlap reality through levels of comprehension.  
  • 1st Dimension beings can only perceive dimension 1 and interact with 1 dimension
  • 2nd Dimension beings can only perceive  dimension  1 & 2 and 1 and interact with 1 and 2
  • 3rd dimension beings can only perceive 3, and can interact with 1, 2, and 3.... Yet 3D beings can imagine what 4D up.
  • and this list goes up and up....

An example analogy will be that quantum universes are a reflection in water, while spatial dimensions are stairways for the consciousness.


To put to test in an argument concerning physical damage: 

  1.  An Anti-Matter/Matter bomb can destroy city into dust.
  2.  An Anti-Matter/Matter bomb has no effect blasting a city ~.... In the Astral Planes.
  1. Anti-Monitor destroys a physical universe
  2. Anti-Monitor has no effect destroying the universe's 4D, 5D, 6D, +++ forms.