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all star superman animated movies was a hit , i think dc should release animated movie of the infamous all star batman and robin comic . Cmon guys i know you wanna watch batman tell robin he`s " THE GOD DAMN BATMAN !" in the movie and also give us the actors to voice them as well.

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LOL How did you get that yahoo laughing symbol? Aint seen that in ages.

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@hectorsquall said:


LOL How did you get that yahoo laughing symbol? Aint seen that in ages.

A mini Gif Maybe?

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Have you read All Star Batman? Just asking...

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Nah...I don`t know. I wouldn`t like it, but if enough many would want to see it, it might get made.

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@The Poet said:

Have you read All Star Batman? Just asking...

I could just imagine the movie ruining Batman's image forever.

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Id watch it.....

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Honestly... no I don't... I mean the artwork is beautiful, but we're talking about a story where Batman kidnaps a 12 year-old boy and effectively drafts him into his own private war... just after he witnesses his parents getting murdered... and then when the kid calls him out on it, his only reply is, "I'm the goddamn Batman"

Miller completely bastardizes Batman's integrity and personality by making him an arrogant man-child who fights criminals for the fun of it, rather than him believing it to be a necessary evil... he then makes every other character worse to make Batman look better by comparison.

The story itself is reasonably pretty good, but the dialogue is terrible, Miller repeats himself over and over again, "Goddamn" this and "Goddamn" that and everyone telling each other to "shut up" - and the Batman / Robin relationship is abusive... they are supposed to be like father and son... or a guardian and his ward... hell, I'd even take a teacher / student relationship, but instead they are kidnapper and victim, pure and simple... not only should this not be made into a movie, but it should be seen for what it really is and not given false praise for being that comic with the line: "What, are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I’m the Goddamn Batman" - and nothing else is even remembered about it

- wow... I didn't know I hated this that much... but I really, really do

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What, are you dense? Are you retarded or something?

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Not bad.

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Is it out yet or when is it coming out?

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They need to focus on other heroes besides Batman and Superman in these animated movies.

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I loved it.

B*tch slapping Robin like a boss.

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NO, all-star batman and robin was terrible and frank miller is an overrated writer.

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I personally loved the comic, but I did not feel it was by any means a representation of the way Batman would actually act/think/be/talk. Batman isn’t insane. Well…….not in the way he was portrayed in this comic anyway…

I don’t think it would be good for the “Batman image” as people who watched the movie might think it was a good representation of how Batman is.

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@The Poet: yes i read it and watch linkara review on it as well . i know the comic sucks and i agree with all of yall but its the type of comic you love to hate, its like batman and robin movie for comics .

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@cuhcoast: so my question is: why would we want to create a movie that is based on a comic that even you say "sucks"?

Look through the eyes of a stock broker: is it a good idea to invest in stocks that you know will be terrible? of course not. The reason they chose All star superman to adapt was because a lot of people liked Grant Morrison's series so fans would want to buy/rent that movie. Why anyone at WB would invest in adapting All star Batman and Robin based on the fact that so many hated the series is beyond me. It's just not good business skills.

I would assume the creators of Batman and Robin didn't set out to make a terrible movie...it just happened. DC and WBs would be mad to set out to make a movie that "sucks". it's bad business.